Rinne no Lagrange: Vengeance for Muginami and the Rinne’s blooming

Back with the 6th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Rinne no Lagrange. After being rejected by Vilaguilio and given an ultimatum to destroy the Voxs by sunrise or be destroyed, Madoka is set to go get her some revenge. Muginami isn’t so inclined, she still blames herself and is deeply upset after being rejected by Vilaguilio (AKA “King of Dicks”, in my opinion).  Though Madoka is ready and rearing to launch so she can kick some butt, the captain airs on the side of strategy. Waiting until a safe battle site can be determined and all civilians can be evacuated before making any moves, the base prepares for a fight.

Pumped up on “Energy” (an energy drink, which, to Vilaguilio and his cronies makes us considerable enemies for crafting such a concoction), Madoka and Lan gear up for a space fight IN SPACE!!!!! (I like space :3)  Though the excitement turns to anxiety on the ground when the multitude of enemy Ovids are launched…with only Midori and Orca armed with prototype weapons ready to fight them off.  Though the Ovids certainly don’t stand a chance against the Vox, it’s still a dangerous battle…until Muginami is convinced to board the third vox by our squinty-eyed friend and she barrels into battle, not only activating the Vox system on her own, but also transitioning from piercer to robot-mode. She came to take care of business, and that’s what she’s going to do.

She wastes no time in heading for the enemy’s mother ship, but there she comes head-to-head with Vilaguilio himself, and Muginami narrowly avoids being blown out of the sky if it weren’t for Madoka’s intervention. Just as Madoka and Vilaguilio begin their fight, Muginami interrupts, claiming Madoka and the Jersery Club are just selfishly pressing their feelings onto others, not considering how Muginami feels about the situation. She never asked for them to take revenge, and she still blames herself. Madoka goes emotional and activates some new function of the Vox Aura, sending energy-blossoms far and wide, and also causing the three Vox units to fall back down to earth. Squinty-eyes seems to know more than we do, and apparently he thinks Vilaguilio planned this all along.

I’m very confused about what just happened. Hopefully the next episode will explain things and not try to feign a return to normal life. There’s also the question of the escaped Ovid pilot, we’ve yet to see him again. And I still feel like Vilaguilio hasn’t gotten his just beat down for what he’s done to Muginami.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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