Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Tsubasa’s Smile and Hibiki’s Secret

Back with the 6th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Senki Zesshou Symphogear.  After Hibiki’s beast-mode attack using Drundal to blow her away, the girl in the Nehushtan armor is out for revenge, vowing destroy anyone stronger than she was, and giving a few snapshots what looks to have been a tortured childhood in the process. Meanwhile, Miku and Hibiki begin to reconnect, after all they’ve been through (Hibiki making promises with Miku and then having to flake for symphogear battles that Miku can’t know about), it’s nice to see she’s still standing by Hibiki’s side.

Though, she doesn’t stay content for long, as Hibiki has to break another promise to respond to a call from the 2nd Division. Though it’s nothing too extreme, Hibiki is still needed to check in on Tsubasa while her agent is apparently in some sort of danger. For once, we get to see Tsubasa emote in ways other than anger or scorn, we see her blush, laugh, etc. (Which is nice :3 ) But also, Tsubasa tries to help Hibiki reach a place where she can bring out her armed gear, by determining why she fights.  Hibiki is still doubtful, so she decided to go eat (don’t we all when we’re confused?).

Before reaching the Flower pancake house, she runs into Miku, but not before Nehushtan interrupts for her main course of revenge. There’s no hiding it now, Hibiki gears up to save Miku from falling debris, showing Miku her secret. After rescuing her friend, Hibiki leads Nehushtan away so they can fight without hurting civilians. Following her method recited to Tsubasa earlier, Hibiki attempts to avoid fighting another human, by asking her why they can’t just talk things out. Unlike the Noise, humans can communicate with each other. Nehushtan bluntly refuses this, retorting that humans can never understand each other.

Forced into the fight, Hibiki tries to draw her armed gear to end things quickly. While unable to manifest a weapon, she is able to draw the energy, which she uses to boost her already killer punch. With determined agility and an energy-raised attack, she plows through the Nehushtan’s armor. With Miku waiting nearby, shedding tears for her warrior friend, what does this mean for the both of them? Will Miku be filled in on the 2nd division, or forced to silence, and to watch her friend constantly put her life in danger? And if Hibiki went so fiercely after holding Drundel, what’ll happen when she draws her own armed gear? She doesn’t have the control that’s supposedly needed and I foresee problems with this in the future…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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