Speed Draw #7: Hakase and Sakamoto-san (Nichijou)

Back after a two week long break (from speed drawing, my schedule was quite full) with a compliment to the last speed draw. This week, Hakase (the Professor) and our favorite talking cat, Sakamoto-san, from the comedy series Nichijou. This week, I can definitely feel pride in my work as I’m slowly seeing a progressive growth in my skills. For the second time, the whole speed draw was done from scratch on the tablet (as opposed to scanning a sketch and lining from that). I’m also getting much faster at the whole thing, I attribute part of this to being able to rotate the canvas more easily now. Though I feel stupid for not figuring it out sooner…so, for your enjoyment/criticisms, here’s Speed Draw #7:

As usual, feel free to like, comment, subscribe, criticize, ask questions, criticize, suggest a character for my next video, criticize, generally discuss, or constructively criticize in the comments below or in the comments on youtube. :3

Also on deck today is an interesting little thing I’ve stumbled upon. Because I want to become an animator myself, I have an eclectic interest in the “old style” of animation using cels, as opposed to digital production as is the norm today (for various time saving and economic reasons).  But, if you’re like me, there’s still something to be said for the clean designs and handmade craft of animation cels. That’s where Anime Cel Art comes in. Through cooperation with animation studios (such as Toei), they recreate popular anime series, like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, onto animation cels. Anime Cel Art currently only seems to have more mainstream anime series (like the ones mentioned above), but I’m eagerly awaiting more niche series to come soon (you have to start somewhere after all). So, I’m putting them out there for any one who wants a unique piece of anime memorabilia. And while not the cheapest thing in the world, $65 isn’t too bad a price for handmade cel art (studios like Disney have sold vintage in-between animation cels for thousands, and that’s the low end price).

While I’m not the biggest Bleach or Naruto fan out there (don’t get me started), I still have to admit the craft and value of these cels are worth at least a moment to appreciate. This is the kind of quality I strive for in my speed draws and I hope to one day reach that level :3

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


7 thoughts on “Speed Draw #7: Hakase and Sakamoto-san (Nichijou)

  1. You are indeed getting better and the character features are nearly akin to original. Nice work ^^ I never heard of Anime Cel Art, before, but looking at the sample they do look impressive. Much like you, I am not a big fan of Bleach or Naruto, but quality is admirable.

    • I know right? I’ve never been one to ignore quality work just because I’m not a fan of the material. Now, if they had some A Channel cels, let’s just say it would involve me throwing what little cash I have at my laptop and yelling “Why I No Have A Channel Cels Yet?!” :3
      And thanks, it means a lot to see people think I’ve matched the original characters so well :3 and I hope to improve even more in the future

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