Guilty Crown: Shu…is scaring me


In the moment, you can never compare a leader of people with a dictator,
for in the moment, the true fears and risks facing a people are never certain. 

A government powered by fear has no legitimacy,
but a people in fear require its security. 

Back with the 16th episode of newly epic Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Guilty Crown. Shu has become king of the school, as vaccines become scarce, the red line walls close in, and violent looting takes hold of the sealed city.  Ruling by voids, for voids, the school grounds resemble a military dictatorship as Argo gets airdropped in by Arisa’s grandfather to retrieve her to potentially receive aid from other asian nations.  Argo watches in disgust as students ranked lower because of their voids are risking their lives with exposure to the Apocalypse Virus and still going out to salvage for vaccines and ammunition. Students are already contracting the virus and become cancerous, but they are still working, as Shu puts it, for the “safety and benefit of all the students”.


Shu believes that Hare shouldn’t be allowed to die in vain, and he balances the tyranny with the belief that he can lead the students out of Tokyo and to safety.  Yahiro leads the effort to collect refugees within the walls with exceptional void power, and put them to use within Shu’s kingdom.  Sparked on by the fear of a new genomic weapon from the GHQ, the students grudgingly follow Shu’s leadership, and follow rules, despite the hardship.

After refusing to let Souta die while scavenging a sunken transport ship, Argo is held behind bars in the school for disobeying Shu’s orders. Inori seems to accept Shu’s rule and way of leading, which is honestly throwing me for a loop.  But Shu’s police state seems to be moving closer to an escape from the 7th loop, meanwhile, the GHQ cronies who didn’t actually die, seem to be up to schemes of their own. Including Shu’s own mother, there’s a plan to soon bring the hammer down on Shu while he “reaches his potential”. Something regarding the shards of Mana and what looked like a clone or something of Gai seem to lie in store, as well as an armada amassing in the Pacific.

Could this be a Code Geass finale-esque face-off between Shu’s Void State and the GHQ? And how does this organization of Asian nations mentioned by Arisa’s grandfather play into it? I never thought I’d say this, but I’m scared of what Shu may do next. He’s already sacrificing low rank void holders to exposure of the Apocalypse Virus, and has accepted the power, as well as the risk, of the void’s frailty. Once a person’s void is broken or damaged, the holder is immediately ravaged by the Apocalypse Virus. A twin-edged sword, the voids. A source of great power, and a one-step weakpoint as well. And what of Inori? She doesn’t exactly seem so innocent after killing Arisa in cold blood…it’s like she knows something we don’t, or maybe she really is committed to helping Shu fulfill his people to rescue the students…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku

**On a random note, this makes the 600th episode I’ve added to my anime collection that I’ve logged into my iTunes library**


8 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: Shu…is scaring me

      • Well, it took it awhile, but finally CG is getting interesting. Probably not in time enough for the people it lost, it counts. Shu’s personality and all else.

        • I’m hoping for a philosophical clash between Shu and the GHQ on how voids should be used. Shu and the doctor guy in charge (name escapes me right now) both use other’s voids, but the main difference is that Shu arms people with their voids, while the doctor just exploits their power. At least, that’s one of my theories.

          • If CG pulls it off in a interesting manner, I will be fine with it, but seems like that will be a paradigm shift of sorts for them by the directing it is heading now. Although, I have my fingers crossed for it so far. Interesting theory in Shu’s case, but I think the doctor (forgotten his name too, lol) might have an interesting rebuttal to his madness.

  1. Shu is still the old nice, cowardly Shu we know, just look at the scene where he gets slapped by Ayase and when he’s talking to Inori. He’s just taking actions trying to save everyone. He might be doing it wrong, but at least he’s doing something to fight against GHQ. Plus with the current situation Shu’s method seems to be the best available to ensure that at least they have a chance at defeating GHQ and let some people survive, instead of getting wiped out by GHQ all together.

    As for Inori, there’s a high possibility that Mana is slowly taking over her body and mind, considering we know that Inori was created somehow based on Mana or something like that.

    • Interesting ideas, it’s true that Shu does seem to be forcing himself to be king because it seems to be the only viable option at the moment. And he seems troubled that students are still suffering. As for Inori, you may be onto something, but we’ll see.

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