Another: This Isn’t Punny Anymore

Back with the fifth installment of another Winter 2012 series, Another. After Sanae’s demise in the elevator of death, Kouichi is finally starting to ask some serious questions. But before he can even get shot down more than a few times, Takabayashi dies of a heart attack a mere breath from explaining things to Kouichi, marked another “Death of June”.

Class 3 finally gets serious about the whole, “people dying” problem. So it seems they’re all to start ignoring Kouichi, even the teachers act as if he doesn’t exist (ring any bells?). He laters gets a note left in his desk, telling him to go talk to Mei to get some answers. Wait…so that means Mei DOES exist! (So much for my ghost theory) Mei breaks the news to Kouichi, she does in fact exist, but like him now, she is considered non-existant by the rest of class 3.  It all goes back to 27 years ago when the girl from class 3 died, and every class 3 after that experienced a gruesome series of deaths, at least one a month. After many efforts to avert the deaths, from changing classrooms to renaming it to “Class C”, the third class still continued to be plagued with gruesome deaths. Some time later, unknown clerical errors resulted in class 3 being one desk and chair short, raising the superstition that one of the students present was an “extra”, and was bringing in the deaths (or something along those lines, I started getting confused). So in countermeasure, they ignore one student, as if he/she didn’t exist. Beginning in May, this student was Mei. But with Kouichi’s transfer there become a second “extra”, and after the deaths of their classmates, Class 3 become convinced he should also become “non-existent”. see...kinda...yeah...totally...I thought you were more dead than Justin Beiber's heterosexuality.

Another gets deeper and deeper, and now the student’s actions seem like some obsessive level of superstition rather than some conspiracy. But it’s still worrisome how far they’ll go to believe their alleviating the curse.  Kouichi still doesn’t know the full story behind the death of the girl in class 3 27 years ago, but he’s finally asking questions and getting answers. I wonder who’ll go next…perhaps the sickly art teacher.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Another: This Isn’t Punny Anymore

  1. this episode sure was good. a couple of things were answered.
    the art teacher could be next since she’s sick as well but Reiko could be next as well.

    i’ve also been thinking about the importance of Kouichi’s mom being in the same class as the Misaki who died 26yrs ago… could it possibly mean something?? like Kouichi’s relation to the start of the curse or whatever. lol. or was i just overthinking things? :))

    • I don’t think you’re overthinking, just maybe a little out there. His mom probably makes a connection, but I doubt it’ll be entirely significant (though, I’ve obviously been wrong with Another before).

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