Rinne no Lagrange: Muginami is an enemy? Maybe not for long…

What? It takes REAL skill to hit the ball with the short end of the bat! :3

Back with the fifth episode of the Winter 2012 mecha series, Rinne no Lagrange.  Madoka, Lan, and Muginami start their everyday lives together. Sharing a home, waking up and eating breakfast together, sitting next to each other in class, and participating in their Jersey Club after school.  But Lan is uneasy about Muginami, and hasn’t opened up to her. She tries to get information on her, but to no avail. She also tries warning Madoka, but can’t seem to convince her of any maliciousness, even though she suspects Muginami of tipping the boat before helping rescue her.

That's....an interesting place...


The Jersey Club becomes a bit more legit, after getting their club room (a currently vacant storeroom) the girls depart to do their work for others, Madoka goes out to collect groceries, while Lan takes Muginami to help the student council. But it was just Lan’s plan to get Muginami away from Madoka and confront her at last.  Muginami is surprised that it has taken her this long to ask, and reveals she also has the mark of the Vox.  And informs Lan that she is somewhat aware of the legend, but asks her why she hasn’t told Madoka of the “horrible” things the legend tells the Vox will be responsible for.

Later, after having the…pleasure…of finding her uncle drunk on the beach with a new guy in town. Madoka brings him back to the restaurant, for her and Lan to find out that this Villagiulio is Muginami’s “brother” (though not blood-related). Madoka is startled to find that Lan says this guy is their enemy, and so is Muginami, so she confronts the two of them.  Villagiulio is, in fact, an enemy, a member of the organization “Kiss”.  Though Muginami says she isn’t an enemy of Madoka, simply Lan, Madoka can’t accept this. Regardless of how much fun she may have had, she has sided herself with a force that threatens the earth and claims to turn Kamogawa into a battlefield.

Attempting to find consolation from her “brother” Villagiulio, Muginami is quickly dumbfounded to find out she isn’t welcome back at Kiss. Even though she claimed the Vox, apparently making it inoperable for anyone else, he still saw her as a leech who threw away a potential weapon.  If her uncle wasn’t holding her back, Madoka would’ve certainly given Villagiulio a facefull of fist. On top of having some sort of history with Lan, this guy seems to be nothing but trouble. I certainly hope Muginami decides not to try go crawling back to this douche, she needs to stay with Madoka and Lan and fight with them against him and his (I’m guessing) league of douches.  Before leaving in his Ovid, Villagiulio gives Madoka an ultimatum, they can destroy all the Vox units on that base, or him and his croonies will do it for them tomorrow. Looks like we got ourselves a good, ol’ fashioned giant robot fight on our hands. Might even tread some outer space next episode, but hopefully we’ll get to see plenty of the Lan-Madoka combo, and maybe some Muginami to save the day as well.

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– BeldenOtaku


3 thoughts on “Rinne no Lagrange: Muginami is an enemy? Maybe not for long…

  1. I thought at first that Muginami’s memoria placement might be trying to represent a flower (ovaries of a flower), but never mind. Would like to know why they have the memoria at different areas, but Madoka like Muginami said that were pinched at the specific areas where they are. Not sure why, but think Villagiulio might not be bad as he comes off. Did see him look at Muginami in regret as he walked off.

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