Kill Me, Baby!: Kill me with Puppets, Summer, and Agiri, please

Back with a look at the fifth episode of the Winter 2012 comedy series, Kill Me, Baby! I haven’t been following episodically because it’s redundant to do so with a comedy (It’d just be post after post of repeating in a less comedic way all the jokes used in that week’s episode of Kill Me, Baby!) So I’ll just opt for a general periodic review…and also because I can’t get any new shows where I am, so I’m using what I’ve got.

Continuing with the comedy centered around Yasuna and Sonya, the schoolgirl assassin, Kill Me, Baby! follows the misadventures Yasuna usually starts for them. But, true to her occupation, Sonya has had encounters with a few competing agents, who thought it bright to disguise as Yasuna, much to their misfortune. Although, if KMB doesn’t start utilizing a different method for setting up situations (other than Yasuna being…well, Yasuna), they run a risk of becoming played out and boring.  I hope this doesn’t happen and the comedy continues.

For me, the real star of the show is Agiri. I can’t get enough of this laid-back, saleswoman ninja.  From her “hair staying right even when upside down” technique to her “substitution” jutsu, she never fails to kinda impress. If only she were actually useful in a fight…

As for the “unused character”, she’s been lurking around the school, but has yet to actually meet up with Sonya and Yasuna. I imagine we’ll see more of her in the weeks to come as well. Though, it’s still unknown what she’s plans to do to Sonya and Yasuna for taking away her place in the cast.

So, those are my thoughts on Kill Me, Baby! I get excited when a new one goes up, but, at the same time, I’m worried that it’s not being presented as well as it could be. If the set-ups get a little diversified, I think they’ll be fine. And if the character relations got a little deeper, that would help too. If you’re reading this and you’re one of the many who dropped KMB after the OP, please just try it. Skip the OP if you have to, but please just try it. Unless you don’t like comedy series, in which case…don’t watch. You won’t like it, watch something action-y instead.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku



4 thoughts on “Kill Me, Baby!: Kill me with Puppets, Summer, and Agiri, please

  1. I dunno, the OP is pretty good and comedic. Like Ika Musume’s season 1, it stick in the mind a bit. Yasuna is great, i love her character for being Hirasawa Yui-like yet being pretty bad in terms of thinking how to use Sonya to catch beetles and stuff

  2. Did not strike me as funny as the previous episodes, but still not bad. Still managing to get a cheap laugh here and there (at Sonya’s and Yasuna’s expense of course. Mainly Yasuna), but does feel like it is reaching its tedium point to me. Might be, since I have read the manga much, but so good so far. And yes, fully agree about Agiri as the real star. For some reason her character is just naturally funny.

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