Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Who Doesn’t Have Superpowers?

Back with the 5th episode of the Winter 2012 mahou shoujo/mecha series, Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Hibiki makes astounding progress in her fighting style through training montages, but continues to dodge Miku and leave her wondering what’s going on. Tsubasa also regains consciousness as she begins to reconcile with Kanade internally. Meanwhile, an evil sounding exhibitionist gets weird with the girl wearing the silver Symphogear last episode that nearly took out Tsubasa (this kinda creeped me out).

After the Defense Minister was assasinated, Ryouko returns with his last instructions to move Drundal to a new location. Unfortunately, the Noise, obvious under sentient control, take out the 2nd Division’s escort cars, leaving Hibiki and Ryouko alone to fend off the silver Symphogear and her Noise cronies. Luckily, it was bring your super powers to work day (or something ridiculous like that), so Ryouko was able to throw up shields and deflect attacks (???). Hibiki gears up to fight, and lays down some phonic justice with her new fighting techniques.  While fighting, completed relic Drundal begins to activate. After pushing past the silver Symphogear, Hibiki grabs the relic, and blasts away any and all attacks (simultaneously destroying the chemical plant and causing massive destruction).

More questions than answers with episode, my primary question being “Why does everyone have a f***ing superpower?” First, the chief could punch through Tsubasa’s 50 foot sword, and now Ryouko can deflect Noise beams and protect them from a chemical plant exploding? I’m also concerned about Miku, how much longer will she be kept out of the loop? Not to mention that beast-mode Hibiki seems to enter whenever she gets stronger. And who does the evil exhibitionist work for? The UE? US? Or someone equally evil?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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