Guilty Crown: The Crying King and His Lost Love

Back with the 15th episode of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 action series, Guilty Crown. After becoming President, Shu is faced with Yahiro’s plan to rank all the students based on their genomic abilities.  While, at the time, it’s mere discrimination (or “distinction” as Yahiro put it), it becomes a serious matter as vaccine supplies run short and it’s up to Shu to decide who gets their dose and who takes the risk of contracting the virus. Shu is adamant about not accepting this system to Souta, but still agrees with Yahiro when he brings it up. Hare points out that it’s in everyone to say what others want to hear, but even Shu knows a leader needs a pair and should make a decision.

What I thought at first to be Yahiro’s ideas in action, Souta and some other F-rank students ask Shu to draw their voids so they can practice and become more useful.  Shu trusts them, but after sulking in his hideout and hearing Hare’s confessions, he’s shocked to see the group recklessly heading outside the school with their voids, planning on raiding a hospital for vaccines.  They’re quickly spotted and surrounded by Anti-Bodies.  Needless to say, the nameless students bail at the first sight of Endleaves, except for Souta who gets Hare to try and fix a car while Shu tries to lead off the attackers.  In Souta’s vanity, they become easy targets for Daryl and his Endleave, as Shu jumps to try and protect Hare from the inferno following the shot.

Both near-death, Hare awakens to see Shu unconscious and terribly burned. Gritting through the pain, she uses her bandage-void to heal him as best she can, until an Anti-Bodies helicopter spots and severs her void with machine gunfire.  (I’m pretty sure destroying a person’s void kills them, and appears to also make them completely susceptible to the Apocalypse Virus) Shu comes to and finds Hare already dead and being ravaged by the virus. In what I can only describe as some kind of girly man-shriek, Shu laments the death and decomposition of the girl who believed in him so.

Ready to kick a** and take some vengeance, Shu forcibly draws Inori’s sword-void to make quick, merciless work of the three Endleaves still attacking his friends.  Later, after the group is filled in by Yahiro on the death of Hare, Souta (who’s just been the worst kind of douche the entire episode) finally gets what’s coming to him (in my opinion) as Shu starts to beat his a** when he admitted to essentially sending Hare to her death.  Yahiro pulls Shu off of Souta, wherein Shu declares he’ll become a king.

I’m very conflicted about how I feel about Shu right now. On the one hand, he just made a serious step forward in becoming a seriously heroic kick-a** leader character. But, on the other hand, he spent just as much time crying like the wimp we though he’d left behind. The next episode will show if those were just man tears or if he’s just really emotional. It’ll also determine if Guilty Crown just took a seriously epic turn, or if this just an overly dramatic plot point. Either way, right now this is my favorite episode so far.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku

**I’LL MISS YOU HARE!! You were always one of the tolerable ones…**


4 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: The Crying King and His Lost Love

  1. The show is messed up…. I hate this episode!
    I will and forever hate Shu. Someone has to die for him to be less sissy? Common….
    Bad shoe? lol! I can’t wait to rage on the next episode.

    • That’s not exactly a good attitude to have =.=
      But all tragic heroes suffer some loss before their heroic potential comes into reach, really. And at least this way I can stop guess whether he’ll end up with Inori or Hare…though Hare was so sweet, I hated to see her die like that. (Why didn’t you heal yourself first!? WHY?!)

      • Haha. Well it’s so frustrating. I can’t help myself..
        Should go around and read some forum post regarding this week’s episode.
        I’m not the only one who is raging. Probably 80% of them who still watch it is raging right now.

        • So long as you’re not letting your personal opinions be driven by others, that’s why I don’t usually read posts about an episode I’m about to watch.
          I want to watch and make my own opinions.

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