Another: There’s a curse, but it has bad aim

Back with the 4th installment of the Winter 2012 horror (not kidding) series, Another. After his classmate’s gruesome death last week, Kouichi was told to not talk about it, and it’s confirmed that there’s a dark secret to class 3, which is now believed to be cursed.  After a check-up, Koichi tries to glean some more information by talking to Sanae after he shift at the hospital.  She doesn’t know much of the story or of Mei, even though her brother is in class 3 as well, and when she asks him, he adamantly refuses to tell anything.

Kouichi is also being blamed for the incident, the class also fears that one of their members will die every month. The risk also extends to friends and family of the classmates, as the mother of the girl gored by her umbrella was also killed in a car accident the same day.  Even though he was promised to be filled in on the details, Izumi, in charge of class countermeasures, decides to not tell Kouichi what’s going on for fear it’ll make things worse.  He’s simply told to keep quiet and not “mess with things that don’t exist”.

Kouichi’s talk with Izumi is interrupted by a phone call from Sanae, on break at the hospital.  She tells him that her brother won’t talk about the curse on class 3, but becomes frightened when she asks him if a girl named “Mei” was in his class. Kouichi doesn’t get anything more, as he listens to Sanae’s ghastly screams, falling to her death in the elevator.  The curse of class 3 continues to take its next victim, even after missing Koichi and his classmate with a wind-blown pane of glass. Who’s next? I imagine the victims will be getting closer and closer to Kouichi himself, people like his cousin or Izumi.  Or maybe it’ll take a second shot at that girl Kouichi saved from the pane of glass. I’m also wondering when Kouichi will realize Mei’s a ghost (or at least not alive), and stop asking “Why is everyone ignoring her?”….

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– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Another: There’s a curse, but it has bad aim

  1. I think that at some point, Sakakibara is going to seek out the nurse’s brother and try to get him to tell him things about the curse…he seems to know a lot about it.
    I’m also getting frustrated with Sakakibara’s constant questioning and naivety about Misaki–he’s been given so many clues already, why can’t he just figure it out already? x.x

    • True, if he’d just seriously think about it or ask some questions and demand some answers, he’d already have this figured out. (But to be fair, it’s not like we know the whole story either. I’m just mad he’s yet to even think “Maybe she’s a g-g-g-g-ghost!”…)

    • That’s an interesting thought, maybe he’ll say something like “I didn’t want to admit it, but…maybe she IS…a ghost.” Leading up by saying stuff like “she’s very odd” and “people do seem to not see her”

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