Rinne no Lagrange: She’s Muginami

Back with episode 4 of the Winter 2012 series, Rinne no Lagrange.  As Kamagawa tries to return to a sense of normalcy after the ovid attack, Madoka is surprised to find a new transfer student in her class, Muginami, the same girl she met in in the hanger before fighting the ovids with Vox Aura, err, I meant Midori.  Madoka can’t quite place Muginami at first, but she definitely remembers Madoka, and the guys keeping watch on the base certainly recognize her, but they don’t seem to consider her much of a problem at the moment.

I swear, these cameras are just for surveillance..... What? Why am I recording it? Oh...no reason.

As a part of the return to normalcy, the 87th annual swimming race is set to start.  Both Muginami and Madoka take their marks with the other girls in their class, as Lan and the crew on base keep a close eye on the festivities (some closer than others). Just as Madoka and Muginami approach Lan’s watch point, Muginami (and her alien goggles) realize she’s the princess of what I assume is an alien race. Apparently not on good terms, Muginami tips Lan’s boat, but didn’t realize Lan couldn’t swim. As Madoka struggles to save Lan, Muginami comes in to help save her victim (this is why I’m very trusting of Muginami).  Lan is saved and now Muginami is offered to join the Jersey Club, which she accepts.

After some light fanservice followed by invitation for Muginami to stay at Madoka’s house, we skip to the next day of class where Madoka finds yet another transfer student….yup, Lan *woof*.  And she is also informed that both girls will be staying at her house now. Meanwhile, unclear meetings are made in orbit around the moon between the Ovid pilots and a new un-identified man (whom I’ll assume isn’t on the same side as Lan and Madoka). Later, the captured Ovid pilot somehow escapes and takes his Ovid back out into space.

While a little light on the action compared to previous episodes, it did keep the plot moving and brought Muginami officially into the mix.  She knows more than she’s letting on and I’m suspecting a potential double-cross from her in the future. With all their cameras, I’m fairly certain the guys on the base saw Muginami’s little stunt during the race and there’s gonna be some explaining to do next episode, but, for now, all three girls are official members of the Jersey Club, which is good enough plot development for now.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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