Gundam AGE: The “Final” Battle and the War it Started

Back with episodes 15 and 16 of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 mecha series, Gundam AGE. As one story closes, another begins, following the protagonist transfer from Flit to his son, Asemu.  The true identity of the UE is revealed and a battle for the Earth has begun. The ball is in your court now, Asemu, what do? :3


As the Diva forces begin the mission to take down Ambat, Flit encounters the UE’s greatest weapon, essentially a powerful mobile unit wrapped in an even more powerful mobile arms set of legs and rockets and guns and who knows what else.  Driven by his need for vengeance, Flit battles fiercely, utilizing his power as an X-Rounder to take down a plethora of UE suits.  After slashing the super suit down to size, its pilot gets away, just as Woolfe makes the scene. Still determined to avenge Yurin, Flit disembarks the Gundam to give chase on foot.

Which leads to the standoff in the Ambat control room.  The true identity of the UE is finally revealed to be the forgotten colonists of the “Mars Birthday” colonization project.  Leading the forces at Ambat is the black market weapons dealer, Yark Dole, whom was felled by Grudik when Flit hesitated with his finger on the trigger.  The cast escapes Ambat, the battle won.  After their short hooray, Grudik is taken into custody (he did commit mutiny and steal a Federation ship, after all), placing all the blame on himself, and accepting his fate as more than compensation for avenging his family.  Meanwhile, the Federation takes credit for the War at Ambat, meanwhile preparing to face off with Vagon, an independent nation formed from the remnants of the martian colonists who have banded together to control of the Earth sphere for themselves.

Fast-forward 40 years, Flit and Emily have married, and had two kids, the important one being Asemu. A 17-year-old amateur mobile suit builder and member of the mobile suit club with his friends, he has lived a nice life, specifically because his father wants to spare him the pain of not being able to protect the ones he loves.  We’re introduced to the general cast, but, before long, Vagon slips past the colony’s defense and begins devastating the residential area. Flit has already left (I’m sure the douche saw it coming), leaving Asemu to protect his home. Luckily, Vargos (the old fart) still lives of Emily and Flit, so he has the Gundam (cleverly hidden under hay in the stables) ready for Asemu to pilot.  Though a rookie, Asemu shows some skill in battle against the  Vagon invaders.

"I always thought that was an inordinate amount of straw for one or two horses I've never seen"

We’ve yet to see the suped-up Gundam from the OP, but it can’t be far off. And what about the silver-haired guy? He’s obviously from Vagon, but the ED made him and Asemu look like friends. I’m rather optimistic that Asemu will at least balance out his father’s….ass-ery, I guess is the word. He seems pretty action hero-esque, but time will time if Flit’s douche-ness is genetic. (Oh, how I hope not. He has so much potential, on top of not looking like a child who still wears footy-pajamas to bed…that’s all I see when Flit was wearing his sky blue space suit, footy-pajamas).

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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