Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Nehushtan and Hibiki’s Determination

Back with the fourth episode of my favorite Winter 2012 series, Senki Zesshou Symphogear.  A new armor wielder has unveiled herself, and Tsubasa is ready for a fight.  Apparently they have history from two years ago, when Kanade sang her swan song to save Hibiki, burning her life away as well…

Starting with backstory between Tsubasa and Kanade, the former Zwei Wing duo, this episode follows Kanade’s development from vengeance seeking weapon to a true friend for Tsubasa.  (Which is ironic seeing as Tsubasa has steeled herself by thinking she’s simply a human weapon, with no need for friends or emotions) While nothing of real importance is revealed about this new Nehushtan Symphogear armor, it’s apparently she isn’t a good guy, being able to summon Noise and what not.  She’s also reveals she’s not truly interested in a fight with Tsubasa, even though her completed relic is many times stronger than her uncomplete on.  Nehushtan’s real objective is Hibiki, who wasn’t much a fight, without her weapon that she still can’t make appear. Tsubasa decides to live down whatever happened two years ago and sing her swan song (a song that releases the Symphogear’s unrestricted power, bypassing the constraints of the wielder) expecting to perish as Kanade.  While very powerful, Tsubasa’s song didn’t finish off the new fighter, but, with immediate and desperate medical care, she didn’t die as Kanade did.

Even though Tsubasa chose to sing her song expecting to die, Hibiki still blames herself. Declaring there are people she wants to protect, she sets out…to figure out what to do. This gives opportunity to develop more with Miku, who still stands in support of Hibiki, in whatever she’s doing. Hibiki then seeks the training of Genjuro (he DID deflect Tsubasa’s Armed Gear with his bare fist after all), and his martial arts mastery. Thus begins the classic kung-fu/boxing/fighting training montage. Meanwhile, Miku seems to be in on more than she lets on, seeing Hibiki in her training…I wonder what she thinks is going on.

Still so many questions unanswered. Who was the girl in the Nehushtan armor? Why is a human assisting the noise? Why did they want Hibiki? What is Tsubasa’s history with this mystery girl? I could conjecture on what I consider possible theories, but each one is as unlikely as the next, so…I’ll just wait til next week.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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