Guilty Crown: I do believe THIS is what I signed up for

Back with the 14th episode the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Guilty Crown.  For once, I’m honestly unable to rationalize how I’m feeling about this week’s episode. I’m somewhere between excited, scared, thrilled, intrigued, and generally happy. The plot continues to deepen at an all-too awesome pace. After sealing off the 7th loop, the new Japanese Government, headed by Keido, implements Operation Purify Tokyo, quite the euphemism for the progressive extermination of the refugees locked inside the 7th loop. Slowly, day-by-day, the walls of the loop will be brought inward, anyone too close gets eliminated, potential survivors are leveled by the massive walls looming over the disaster area.

As well as a slowly encroaching bulldozer wall, there’s trouble within the school.  The mob mentality starts to take its hold as patience runs thin and logic gives away to fear.  There’s already rumor of riots all over the city, and Kuhouin’s “wait and see” policy isn’t getting approval by raving student masses.  Taking some time to assess the situation, Tsugumi reveals her find after the miltia attack last episode. A “Genometric Resonance Gauge”, a device that assigns a quantitative value to *ahem* “kick butt-ness” of a person’s void (Inori rated “Over 2000”, while the rest scored in the 1400-1700 range, and Shu not rendering a reading).

How dare you even try to touch Tsugumi!!!!

A jerkish rabble-rouser, who was previously seen picking on Ayane last episode until Tsugumi unveiled her “missile kick”, has gathered his douche posse as they plot to usurp Kuhouin for control of the school, they already have approval for a more direct approach, calling for action, not waiting. Their ill-advised front gains mob support when a false rumor about turning in Funeral Parlor members will get you a ticket over the wall. Gangs of students start harassing innocent people, convinced they have to be member of the terrorist group (that kinda saved them a few weeks ago, btw).

Eventually, they corner Ayane and Tsugumi, trotting them on-stage during Kuhouin’s recall, even nearly stripping them as a rumor of Funeral Parlor members having a tattoo seems to have also spread. But, just in time, Shu stands up and calls for an end to this madness. Proving his case, he uses Tsugumi’s void, the Doll-Making Hand Scanner, to show the Anti-Bodies don’t mean to let anyone out of the 7th loop.  The Endleaves standing guard didn’t hesitate to swiftly eliminate the dopple-gangers, regardless of their alignment. The student body now sees that reckless leadership won’t at all help the situation.  Though Shu intended to solidify Kuhouin as their leader, Yahiro had a better idea, and the students agreed, Shu is now the unanimous leader.  (Just think about it, not 5 episodes ago, we all would’ve thought this to be a ridiculous idea, but I’m sitting here thinking, I’d vote for him).

Now, with Yahiro’s very insightful guidance, Shu takes on the responsibility for keeping the students safe and ultimately getting them out of the narrowing 7th loop. But, what’s this? Ranking students on their genomic abilities? I can’t say I disagree, but I foresee Shu probably having to make tough decisions later about how willing he’ll be to possibly sacrifice less powerful void holders.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: I do believe THIS is what I signed up for

  1. I had a thought about the Genomic Resonance Gauge, though.
    Tsugumi said she found it by the truck after the militia attack, an attack that was secretly supported by Segai.
    I’m betting Segai wanted that Gauge inside the school so they’d start ranking students with it, playing into scheme he has about making Shu choose to sacrifice the weaker void-holders.

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