Another: That was…gruesome…*never clean enough*…

Back, slightly shaken, after watching the third episode of the Winter 2012 horror series, Another.  Another the cliffhanger last week, we get to see what’s hidden behind Mei’s eyepatch. An artificial, doll’s eye, which she keeps covered because “it see things that shouldn’t be seen”.  A bit anticlimactic, but I expected as much.  Mei then proceeds to fill Koichi in on the details of the class 3 of 26 years ago, when a beloved class member mysteriously died.  This brings him up to speed with the rest of us who saw the prologue in the beginning of the first episode.

But there’s more to the story, as his classmate’s put it, Koichi only knows “the first year”, and it’s gravely obvious that everyone is taking proactive steps to keep him out of the loop.  Saying “You shouldn’t mess with things that don’t exist”, Koichi begins to wonder what they mean and finally asks why it seems he’s the only one to recognize or regard Mei’s presence.  Mei tells him that she, in fact, doesn’t exist, and he may be the only one to see her.  The mystery of class 3 continues to deepen further and further, but takes backseat as tragedy befalls Koichi’s classmate, Yukari.  After being called out of the class for a yet unknown reason, she grabs her umbrella and begins to leave the school.  She shudders when she sees Koichi (and possibly Mei as well?) but continues on her way, until she slips on the stairs, falling at a break-neck pace on her now-opened umbrella…impaling her in a bloody instant. (I’m not good with blood like that…I spent an hour in the shower after watching that horror, trying to wash the memory away)

Could this be a part of what his classmates were trying to keep him out of? Perhaps a curse on class 3 that they simply needed to endure until after graduation? How Mei plays into this and why closed lips are the only protection they seem to have probably get revealed in the next two or three episodes…I foresee Another to be one of those anime series I just won’t ever be able to shake off…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Another: That was…gruesome…*never clean enough*…

  1. this episode was really good. actually it made me think of a lot of things and now, I’m pretty sure that the eye-patch wasn’t such a big issue to begin with since they revealed it right at the 3rd episode.
    so right now, what i’m really curious about is what’s the rest of the story if the one Mei told was just “the first year” && there must be some sort of reason why they can’t tell Kouichi the rest of the story right now. i don’t think it’s keeping him out of the loop since Teshigawara did said that he’ll him next month.

    • Yeah, the eye patch wasn’t as big as some thought it would be. Brining it up at the end of the 2nd episode kinda stood out to me as not a long term point.
      I personally think it has something to do specifically with class 3. The reason they aren’t telling him until a month later is to get exams and graduation over before anything like the “death by umbrella” could happen. But Koichi was too nosey and now I bet everyone is gonna see this as his fault for whatever reasons probably related to the full story beyond “the first year”.

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