Rinne no Lagrange: Beautiful Robots, or Terrible Omens?

Back with the third episode of the Winter 2012 mecha series, Rinne no Lagrange.  Madoka in the Vox Aura is up against two Ovid mechs threatening the base and the city of Kamogawa.  Determined to protect her friends and family, Madoka charges full speed at the third unit, while the second seems to work on recovering the captured first unit’s pilot.  Using her intimate knowledge of the workings of Kamogawa, she is able to avoid needless damage or causalities, leading the battle to empty lots and places void of people. She also has to stay on her toes to protect fleeing citizens from flying debris, showing the true colors of the Jersey Club.

She’s meanwhile being negotiated to by the third unit’s pilot, to leave the Earth, and go to their planet with the legendary Vox.  Madoka refuses on the grounds that she must protect her friends and her home.  Lan, back on the base, is facing an internal struggle. She must overcome her fear of the “legend” to pilot the second Vox, and help Madoka, whom she feels she forced into the current situation and danger, while she sits helpless on the sidelines.  She pushes past this, and embarks in the second Vox, only to be almost immediately engaged by the second Ovid unit that was busy located the captured first pilot. Unable to activate the Vox system, Lan is a sitting duck in Piercer Mode, until Madoka is able to inspire her to adopt the Jersey Club spirit, activating the Vox system, and unveiling the second vox robot, clad in blue. Not inclined to fighting two vox robots, the Ovid pilots retreat for now, Kamogawa is safe again.

Later, the captured first Ovid pilot recounts the legend of the Green, Blue, and Orange destroyers. Bringing into question the good of the Vox robots, now dubbed “Midori” and “Orca”.  Are they really saviors of the earth? Or omens of disaster?  According to the legend, there’s one more Vox to be unveiled, most likely belonging to the mystery woman Madoka ran into last episode and who sat in town watching the fight. I wonder what she’ll name her Vox robot…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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