What?! 6 Months Already?

I didn’t realize NewAnimeThursday’s 6th month anniversary (that’s right, it’s been a whole half year :3) was today until yesterday…so I don’t really have anything prepared. But I heard you liked statistics, so I got some statistics for you!
117 Posts
4 Pages (I’ve had 6 total, but have deleted or consolidated along the way)
42 Categories
120 Tags
645 Comments (All 645 Being Approved)
382 Spam Comments Protected by Askimet
Busiest Day was December 18th, 2011 with 181 views
27 Series Covered in Reviews
6 Movies (12 Days of Ghibli)
10,675 views all time (at time of writing this post)
Most Commented Post: Why It’s Hard to Admit I Love Anime (at least where I live)
…..first editorial, btw :3

My first user profile pic, from way back when :3

To think what started as a random whim to write what I think about the (at the time) scant amount of anime I was watching has turned into a major focus of my daily life :3 although I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I imagine the next 6 months leading to the full 1 year anniversary has plenty in store for NewAnimeThursday, as do the (hopefully) years ahead.

I’d also like to thank anyone who reads, comments, follows, watches, offers advice, points out my mistakes, corrects my references, or generally helps me get better at what I do. I wouldn’t be here without you all :3

As for what I’ve planned for NewAnimeThursday, well, more editorials for sure, now that I’ve gotten my feet wet I don’t think I’ll have as much trouble figuring out what I want to do with them.  As you can expect, more anime reviews, especially as my schedule lightens up closer to the spring and summer months.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


8 thoughts on “What?! 6 Months Already?

  1. Congrats on making it this far. You will be at two years before you know it. You have a knack for editorials, so I do hope you do more whenever you feel like it ^^

  2. Congratulation on getting this far.
    I’m sure you have more editorial post in store for me. I love the first one 🙂
    Keep it up. Your blog will be one year before you know it.

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