Gundam AGE: Did…Did it Just Get Epic?

Back with the 14th episode of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Gundam AGE. What, up until now, has been a rather annoying run of childish character, mediocre plot at best, and general misgivings about the overall premise given previous success with Gundam series, Gundam AGE may just be turning a new leaf in its story.  Hopefully one with less of the above and more of what I say today.

After breaking through their initial defenses and pushing inward toward the hideout, the Earth forces make slow gains toward Ambat.  Meanwhile, the UE launches their secret weapons, Desil, an X-Rounder (still sounds made up), piloting the newest model mobile suit, one that seems more than a match for Flit’s Gundam.  Pulling Flit away from the main battle, Desil starts a battle between X-Rounders, matching their super human reflexes and reactions in an all out fight to the death.  But it soon gets complicated, when Yurin, inside another new model UE suit, is used as a weapon by Desil against Flit.  (Apparently, the abilities of an X-Rounder can be amplified using another X-Rounder)

Desil has Flit on the ropes, who can’t fight back against Yurin’s suit without fear of hurting her.  Flit finally gets mad (or grows a pair, your choice), taps his X-Rounder powers to dodge a surrounding blaster barrage, and puts up a fight against Desil.  But he’s quickly pushed back, saved only by Yurin who was able to gain back control of the suit and blocked Desil’s sword from piercing the Gundam.  Yurin gave her life to save Flit (which puts and end to love triangle between her, Flit, and Emily, btw), now he’s determined to pay back Desil for all his playing with people’s lives.  With speed he should’ve had to start with, he slashes Desil’s suit down to size and sets him adrift in space (why not finish the job? whatever, I’ll admit he looked b.a. doing it)

Returning to that main battle thing that was going on (remember that?), Flit switches into Titan mode to open the airlocks in Ambat so the Diva can proceed with its foot infiltration. Meanwhile, the leader of the UE starts up the newest UE suit, meant for use in Earth’s gravity, but it still has the most fire power of all the UE models to date.  Flit’s finally got his serious face on, but will it stick around? Or will he wimp out at some point in the next episode? (If I’m not mistaken, he and few others pull their guns on the UE leader in the promo for the next episode, makes it look real good)

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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