Guilty Crown: 2 Weeks and 10 Years of Trouble

Back with the 13th episode of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Guilty Crown.  After what seemed like a grand finale to the secret GHQ plan to eradicate humanity and rebuild it in the old man’s image, 2 weeks have passed inside “Loop 7”, where the Apocalypse Virus ravaged the city just before the destruction of the GHQ fortress.

As a part of the quarantine, Shu, Inori, and everyone else from the school is stuck inside the barriers surrounding Loop 7, and two weeks in, unease has given way to unrest, resulting in a few riots scattered through the area.  The students at the school, under the provisions of the student council (which consists of Shu’s friends, for some reason) have made it by, Yahiro keeps them on the proactive side, making sure vaccine stores and food supplies stay at good levels, thanks to Kuhouin and her grandfather’s air dropped supplies.  But the students are on edge, and tensions continue to rise, which makes the group worried over what may happen if the riots reached the school. Souta suggests a culture festival, to help the lighten the mood, Shu and the gang approve and get to work. (Though, honestly, for an emergency situation, they sure do have quite the store of festive provisions).

Meanwhile, Ayase still struggles with how she feels she left Gai to die in the tower.  She’s greif-stricken that, after Gai gave her legs (via Endleave), she couldn’t even protect him.  But her self-loathing turns in a fighting drive after a band of thug militiamen attack the culture festival with high-power weapons, a humvee, and even a full functioning Endleave (courtesy of your local “good guy”, Segai).  With Shu’s help (who can now draw a void without causing the other person to fall unconscious, apparently gained in the fight before the tower fell), Ayase used her void, a pair of super-suit legs, to run circles (literally) around the goons and give Shu an opening to slash down the Endleave using Inori’s sword-void.

The victory song is short-lived, as the new President of the Provisional Japanese Government, Shuichiro Keido (remember him? the old man we thought had died with the collapse of the fortress), declares all inhabitants of Loop 7 too cancerous to treat. He’s issued the order to seal the area for 10 years, for the protection of the world’s population. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, so to speak for Shu and his friends. Now that everyone has seen his void powers out in the open, I imagine he’ll probably be called on to break down the walls. Will he man up (he’s actually on a good trend, in my opinion) and lead the people of Loop 7 to kick some presidential arse? Or do we have to sit through a few more episodes of wimpy-Shu crying about not wanting this responsibility? *Fingers crossed for the former. Maybe new OP and ED means a new Shu, one that doesn’t suck so much*

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: 2 Weeks and 10 Years of Trouble

  1. New Shu will definitely be kicking some presidential ass at some point but since that’s going to happen at the end I suspect we will have some more episodes of Shu crying. Well maybe not Shu but I suspect we will see a softer side of Tsugumi soon, the school president and maybe another Inori episode.

    • I wouldn’t mind it if shows Shu being a moral inspiration point, that’s called “Character development” and it’s awesome :3
      I also foresee a large riot/rebellion inside Loop 7. It’ll be chaos…maybe not next episode, but at some point.

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