Another: A Blueprint for Things I Don’t Dislike

Back with the 2nd episode of the Winter 2012 horror series, Another.  Koichi has only begun to see the mystery that surrounds this suspicious high school and the secrets its students seem to be keeping from him.  After an invite to the art club from Yuya, who I believe definitely sees Mei, Koichi declines to see underneath Mei’s eyepatch in the library, where he is then asked to leave once the bell rings by the creepy librarian (who HAD to have heard his little conversation with Mei, but just acted like nothing was up).

It seems the class’s “Countermeasures Officer” is having some deja vu over Koichi, she also drops a hint that there’s something to protect the class from, but other class members stop her from telling Koichi.  While they debate something aside from him, Koichi leaves them to follow Mei, he arrives at a modern-style studio, home to a doll shop fitting for such a quaint, creepy town.

In the basement of the building, Koichi sees a doll that reminds him of Mei, who then appears in the basement as well.  Mei decides to show Koichi underneath her eyepatch, just when she has seductively removed the cover, the episode ends…leaving us to wonder for a week just what she had to show.


Still keeping the eery, mystery-filled air, Another is slow to reveal all its secrets.  As for the nurse telling Koichi of a junior-high girl who died while he was in hospital, I think it’s just misleading information for something much farther back in the town’s past.  I’m convinced and sure that Koichi’s classmates are keeping something secret, and they have measures (as well as “countermeasures”) in place for something they consider very dangerous.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


14 thoughts on “Another: A Blueprint for Things I Don’t Dislike

  1. Damn this cliffhanger. I’m not so sure if the doll store is even real, I think it’s just like Mei where only Koichi can see it. The show was able to scare me a few times, the sound of the elevator which was suddenly going up and when the elevator open there was no one inside, it’s like Mei has the ability to appear and disappear. The show is getting very interesting, hopefully more of this mysterious stuff will be answered soon.

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