Rinne no Lagrange: A Guide to Piloting and Not Losing Your Pants

(the secret is to wear a skirt instead)
Back with the second episode of the Winter 2012 mecha series, Rinne no Lagrange. After unlocking the power of Vox Aura last time, Madoka is being recruited for second mission. Much to her displeasure. But evildoers are rarely courteous, the second enemy unit is closing in on the base, and Madoka’s ability to pilot the Vox Aura is desperately needed, as Earth-based weaponry has no effect on these space-aged menaces.

Before mounting the Vox Aura, Lan gives her a new uniform (which I think is the reason she didn’t get de-pantsed this time around).  Lan also reveals her regrets about only being able to pilot a unit in its jet mode, or “Piercer Mode”.  Ready to take on this second attacker, Madoka takes off in Vox Aura, which continues to baffle operators on the base when it cuts off the A.I. piloting, putting Madoka literally and figuratively in the pilot’s seat.

Only one problem, whereas before the Vox Aura seemed to respond very well to Madoka’s intent and commands, it’s now floundering, and soon starts treading water.  Despondent that she’s letting everyone down, Madoka still can’t seem to get a response from Vox Aura even as the enemy closes in.  Until she gets a phone call from her cousin, who’s been snooping around the base this whole time.  Madoka is reminded that she can’t pilot the Vox Aura like she’s doing the people in the base a favor, she has to put her whole heart into it, or she can just quit the Jersey Club because she obviously doesn’t have the guts to finish what she started. This snaps Madoka back into the right frame of mind, empowering the Vox Aura as well.  But it’s not as smooth as one would hope, because as third enemy unit has blasted through the atmosphere and now Madoka is locked in a pincer formation.

Lan seems eager to join the fight, and we also met Muginami, also seen in the OP and ED, when will she play a part? Is she like Madoka, a human able to pilot a unit, or like Lan, a non-Earthling, or something else entirely? I think the battle calls for a second unit to back up Madoka and the Vox Aura, because that third enemy unit has speed and a lot of power from the looks of it.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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