Kill Me, Baby: Kill Me with a Killer Bear, Please

Back with the second episode of the Winter 2012 comedy series, Kill Me, Baby! Although it’s tough to do episodic reviews for a comedy series, cold medicine is giving me this odd confidence that it CAN be done.  So, here we go.

Sonya and Yasuna…fight a bear. Well, “fight” isn’t the right word. More like, they did slapstick comedy around a bear that had previously escaped the zoo, and was returned after being incapacitated by Yasuna’s head-butt.  True to form, Kill Me, Baby takes what’s ordinarily a dire situation, and keeps me laughing with gag after gag. I have to say, Agiri’s “jutsu” and “secret ninja techniques” will do me in by the end of the series. I love the whole premise of cheap illusions and magic tricks you see from a mile away, but it always ends unexpectedly.

Though freaking out around a loose bear was probably the main focus of the episode, we also get to see the antics these two girls can get into when left to their own devices. Or rather, Yasuna’s devices.  After failing to receive any training in possible countermeasures for Sonya’s painful reactions to her, Yasuna purchases nun-chucks, swiftly proceeding to knock herself senseless with them.  And then there’s Sonya’s reluctant game of tag after trying to blow off Yasuna’s game of hide-and-seek.

I wish I could just look everyone in the face and say “Trust me, you’ll laugh”, but comedy is subjective and Kill Me, Baby is exactly what tickles my funny bone.  Episodic reviews aren’t going to be a constant thing for this series, but I might bring one up every now and then because I like it so much.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


8 thoughts on “Kill Me, Baby: Kill Me with a Killer Bear, Please

  1. Hard to exactly blog about shows like this, but even it is subject, I do agree that this was a mildly hilarious episode. Could be tied with the Daily Lives Of High School Boys as my comedy series for this season.

    • Go for it, I finally got off the cold meds and probably won’t have the confidence to do weekly bits on Kill Me, Baby! If I had another comedic or slice of life series I’d probably bundle too.

    • “Could be tied with the Daily Lives Of High School Boys as my comedy series for this season.”

      Right. Such a hard choice, considering those are THE ONLY TWO comedies in this season.

  2. The opening still makes me die a little inside whenever I hear it >.>

    The comedy works, I guess, but the show seems to take forever to finish when I watch it. I’m not sure whether I find it boring or if I’m focusing too hard on it.

    • I actually like the opening a lot, probably just chalk that one up to tastes.
      Maybe you’re trying too hard, it’s comedy, just let yourself loose and enjoy it. Even the smallest crack, it’s okay to find the joy in stupid little things.

        • You can’t really serious critique a comedy, you can only say was it funny or not, and then that really only applies to your sensibilities.
          Take it for what it is, an escape from the seriousness of real life and a chance to unwind with some slapstick hijinks and funny situational escapades.

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