Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Tsubasa, Why Must You be so Cold?

Back with the second episode of the Winter 2012 series, Senki Zesshou Symphogear.  After blowing my mind last week, you can expect that I was eager to dive into this one.  Episode 2 doesn’t waste any time getting Hibaki set up in Symphogear and introducing her to the Second Division, a secret war-time installment specifically designated to fight the Noise, which are impervious to everything humanity can throw at them, and turn people to dust at touch.  Information about the Noise is kept secret to protect the people, even the mother of a child Hibaki saved had to sign an agreement not to speak, but that’s nothing compared to how they handled Hibaki herself. Taking her into custody, Tsubasa and her men in black lead her back to the school and deep underground…for her welcome party.

Yes, the 2nd Division welcomes their newest member before explaining what Symphogear actually is.  Using harmonic resonance, an ability only possessed by the “Attuned”, one can activate an ancient relic. This ancient relic emits an energy that manifests into the Symphogear armor, which is the only working weapon they have against the Noise.  Tsubasa has her own relic, but Hibaki is confused why her Symphogear manifested when she doesn’t have one as well. Two years ago, when Kanade died to protect Hibaki, parts of the her relic embedded too close to Hibaki’s heart to be surgically removed; these pieces, “Gungnir”, act as relic for Hibaki, an Attuned, to activate with the power of song.

Hibaki is sworn to secrecy to protect her friends and family, and I can see this causing social friction later on, especially between her and Miku, who is already worried that Hibaki has begun returning late into the night, as the news continues to report incidents involving the Noise near the school.  It also seems Tsubasa, the veteran Attuned, doesn’t exactly like Hibaki, who uses the same armor as Kanade, her deceased friend and former partner.  Though all Hibaki wants to help, and fight alongside Tsubasa, it seems she still doesn’t see that armor as anyone’s to use, except Kanade. So after helping defeat a consolidated Noise monster, Tsubasa turns her blade on Hibaki, challenging her to a fight.

Symphogear certainly doesn’t waste time with the conflict, does it. I’m still curious about what exactly the Noise are, but I’m still processing the info dump from this episode, so it can wait.  I called it right a week ago when I said this show is going make me a nervous wreck.  I’m already shaking to know what happens next….is it next week yet?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


7 thoughts on “Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Tsubasa, Why Must You be so Cold?

  1. Mind blowing is right. I have very high hopes for this series, so I am only wishing the best of it. Have not been a bigger fan of vocal music until now ^^

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