Gundam AGE: Wait, didn’t I say something about this earlier?

Not likely...

Back with another episode of Gundam AGE, the only series this season that makes me say “Well…guess I’ll get this over with…I’m gonna do my nails while this gets done”.  Quite honestly, it’s really only because I respect the Gundam franchise that I continue to see how far this series will go to disappoint me.  Grudek, with the Diva, Zalam, and Euba forces, prepares for the final battle against the UE stronghold in an abandoned federation outpost.  And thanks to the AGE system, the Diva has a new weapon to bring to bear against the alien scourge (it’s confirmed btw, they don’t associate themselves with the human race). But this brings to mind a general idea I had, maybe around episode 3, something about using the AGE system to improve other things instead of the Gundam…it’s just my imagination right? Or maybe Flit is just an idiot child with a narrow minded view of how things work.

This is exactly what I had in mind for the AGE system back in episode 3, but noooo, it was for the Gundam only...

Besides a bunch of uninteresting character asides at the beginning (Emily and Millais over not fighting even though they’re scared and protecting others, Woolf and Largon chit chatting about girlfriends), the episode is devoted to the “final” battle against the UE.  For once, the regular mobile suits aren’t totally worthless (or maybe the UE went cheap and produced some shoddy suits), but I’m left with the question “Why do they seem to take turns winning?”  Instead of a subtle back-and-forth (I don’t mind if a battle switches advantages, that would actually make it interesting, god forbid Gundam AGE show some creativity in the space battles), AGE seems to take the “we’re winning, but now they’re winning, okay now we’re winning again” approach.  Why would a force of mobile suits, seemingly decimating the enemy, suddenly fail to stand their ground? Thankfully, Flit decides to stop day dreaming on the sidelines and picks up his sword and newfound “X-Rounder” abilities to cut down the UE suits before the Diva’s new Photon Cannon (courtesy of the AGE system) annihilates the UE warship.

Is it bad if I'm kinda rooting for Desil? I don't like Flit very much...

Flit then has to prevent the Euba leader from going kamikaze on the fragmented warship on a collision course with the Diva.  The Euba leader not only tried to commit suicide for “honor”, like the Zalam leader, but he then called Flit a wise comrade…not the brightest guy.  Now the Earth forces, aided by the late-to-the-party Madorna, move to clean up the remaining UE forces at Ambat.  Nothing left to worry about…..except the devil boy smirking as he is about to mount the UE suit Madorna had at his workshop until it went berserk and blasted the place.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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