Guilty Crown: Shu is Forgetful (or “Incest, You Say?”)

Back with the return episode of Guilty Crown for Winter 2012.  While this series left some people with a bad taste in the Fall, I’m pretty sure this new one raised more than a few eyebrows.  Just to recap, GHQ has used the “rock that started it all” to incite a breakout of the Apocalypse Virus across Tokyo, Inori was briefly able to stop it until a GHQ crony who also possessed the ability to draw out voids appeared and kidnapped her.  Using Inori’s sword-void, the young man strikes Gai who jumped to protect Shu, who now follows the young man into his portal-thing to save Inori.

Shu is now forced to relive and remember his forgotten past in order to stop the old doctor (leader of the GHQ) from using Inori for her created purpose, rebirthing Mana so he and she can recreate the human race after the Apocalypse Virus ravages the planet.  Shu is taken back to the day he and his older sister Mana found Gai drifting offshore during their childhood summer.  Mana names him “Triton” because he came from the sea, and over time, Shu and “Triton” (Gai) become the best of friends.  But all doesn’t doesn’t stay well, as Mana is the first to touch what becomes “the stone that started it all”, and contracts the Apocalypse Virus.  Unable to control her power, she causes mass destruction in Roppongi on Christmas Eve, after Shu rejects her offer to wed, which Gai was about to warn him about.  Gai vows to become stronger, Mana disappears, and Shu lives his life in ignorance after playing amnesia and forgetting the whole story…ha ha, how convenient.

Now that Shu is brought back up to speed, he must stop the ressurection of Mana by drawing out Gai’s void, which has to ability to force out other’s voids. It’s also nice that it can blast away void-crystal-eyeball monsters blocking your path.  The young man who kidnapped Inori even steps in when it’s obvious they’ve lost and kills the old man.  Unfortunately, Gai wasn’t as lucky as when he got hit with Inori’s sword, Mana’s defenses pierce him, forcing Shu to strike through Gai, taking Mana with him.  With Mana dead, the Roppongi Fortress, which was Mana’s void manifested, begins to crumble away.

Now that the old man’s plans to recreate humanity have been foiled, what’s next for Shu and Inori? There’s still the remnants of the GHQ to deal with, not to mention the fact that there’s still that virus running around.  And what of Undertaker? And, the biggest question…what the f*** with the incest?  Seriously, I did not see that coming. Although I’m upset that Mana wasn’t delved into more, I guess I can live without the incest. By the way, I’ll go ahead and admit that I was wrong, Inori isn’t “human”, but that doesn’t exactly explain the superhuman acrobatics earlier.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


10 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: Shu is Forgetful (or “Incest, You Say?”)

  1. I mean, I read a line that says “with your new mother…”, so is he? If so, they can conveniently cop-out with a “they’re not really blood related” excuse. Why the incest to begin with anyway?!

    • I think they also said that Mana was his blood-sister, maybe he got “new” adopted mother after his parents may have succumb to the Apocalypse Virus (this is all speculation)
      Maybe the incest was just a way to spice up the story, what garners more attention that him and his sister…in a relationship? (Just check around anime blogs or twitter to see how much people are reacting to this)

      • Yeah I think you’re right. I guess the writers were running out of ideas. This show isn’t based on any manga or novel, right? Maybe they just make this shit up as they go. I must admit, it did make the episode a bit more intriguing. 😛

        • Well, certainly not as the anime continues, as it was probably fully written months ago, before it could be green-lit for production. But they definitely aren’t scared to try every cliche or weird thing they can think of.

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