Rinne no Lagrange: Robots and an Aversion to Pants

Back with another premier for the Winter 2012 season (well, the pre-air was about a week ago, and I had watched it then, but I felt like waiting for the official release), Rinne no Lagrange.  This scifi/fantasy/mecha series follows everyday normal girl, well, mostly normal, she has a thing for sweats and her cousin randomly tells her to drop her pants, Madoka, as one day she finds herself in the pilot’s seat of a robot after meeting the mysterious Lan…

The mecha designs are unique and have a nice aesthetic, though we’ve yet to see a lot of its weapons capabilities. Right now, the series has a plethora of potential plot lines, from space-based invaders, to a top secret organization, or maybe something more terrestrial, we’ll have to wait and see.

The animation seems solid, but it’s a premier and 3D mechs aren’t easy to produce, here’s hoping the quality holds out.  Personally, I’d stick to 2D, but the 3D added a nice touch to the transformation sequence of Madoka’s mech.  The OP and ED are fine, nothing to get excited over, but at the same time not distracting.  Though the OP gives me a mahou shoujo vibe, and I hope the actual fights or transformations aren’t as glitzy. And aside from this strange thing where it seems Madoka needs to take her pants off at least 3 times a day…and her cousin is completely willing to help…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


10 thoughts on “Rinne no Lagrange: Robots and an Aversion to Pants

    • Yes, most definitely a “main character” personality worth following :3
      She has that “go getter” attitude which tends to draw people into following her, whether the plot is particularly strong or not

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