Starting from Scratch, Not Bad

Back with another speed draw video, this time, I took a shot in the dark and recorded my attempt at starting from scratch as I draw the new banner for NewAnimeThursday’s Winter 2012 season. Here it is, enjoy…

Okay, so, as I said, this is the first video I’ve done where I started from scratch. By that, I mean I recorded the whole thing, and the entire drawing was made using my Wacom Bamboo tablet.  Quite honestly, it’s 1000x better than what I feared would just be a horrible waste of a day (a testament to how much trouble I’ve had with drawing from scratch).  This is also the first time I spent an hour exporting and re-importing videos to add the pictures-within-picture at the end (iMovie won’t allow more than one per run, so you just have to export and re-import, add PiP, repeat until you’ve attained all the desired PiPs).

If you’re observant, or actually visit the site, you’ll have probably already noticed the new banner. More than just marking the beginning of Winter 2012 for NAT, it also gives me the chance to say I’m not going to take on the same watch load I had last season, mostly because I’d like to not feel dead at the end of the week.  If you’re curious, I’m starting my art major classes tomorrow, so I’m hoping 1.) to pass and 2.) to improve my abilities and hopefully match the same level of skill I admire in the manga I read and anime I watch.  I apologize if this kind of personal posting bugs you, but to those that care, now you know.

As always, feel free to subscribe for more speed draw videos, or leave a comment with constructive criticisms. I’ve gotten lots of helpful feedback and I really want to learn what others have to teach.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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