Kill Me, Baby: Yes, Kill me with Comedy!

Back with the start of Winter 2012 season, kicking us off is a comedy series based off of a manga I personally very much enjoyed and have been anticipating this anime for quite some time, Kill Me, Baby! (キルミーベイベー)

Centered around the everyday life of child assassin, Sonya, and her (somewhat) unwanted classmate, Yasuna, along with the schoolgirl ninja, Agiri, “Kill Me, Baby” is (kinda) like Nichijou in the fact that most of the jokes are quick situational or observational humors ending with some quick statement summing up the absurdness of what just happened (i.e., “That was quick!”, “She admits it!”). Unlike Nichijou, the cast is much smaller and the episode follows a logical (although unpurposeful) path, following a sequence of events.

This first episode is used, primarily, to introduce the characters and their many quirks. Like Sonya’s odd fears despite her occupation, Yasuna befriending Sonya despite the fact that she gets injured upon meeting her every morning, and Agiri, the ninja who seems better suited to hock cheap novelty items than actually use the jutsu she so frequently boasts. (To be fair, the real ninja of Japanese history prided themselves on deception, making the enemy THINK they possessed some supernatural power, when, more often than not, they simply used parlor tricks and optical illusions to propagate their own myths)

The animation, on the surface, seems simple and nothing to get excited about. But I noticed a few very well done scenes that betray the simplistic outlook of the general design.  I think the animators HAVE immense skill, but are holding back to compliment the comedy in the series, and use the high quality animation to enhance specific scenes that really call for it, while keeping simpler or more common scenes just that, simple or common-looking.  While I’ve heard (and read) a lot of people complaining they dropped it as the OP went on, I have to disagree. While musical tastes DO vary person-to-person, I have to say the fun, melodic OP really compliments the comedic sense of the show (and if it bothers you that much, just skip the OP, no big deal).

The only question I have left is when (or if) the “unused character” will make a substantial appearance. She’s already lurking in the OP (but not the ED), but in the manga she’s nothing more than an author’s note, really.  If she has a part in the anime, it’ll be interesting to see how it’s done (without changing the story too much, I hope).

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


8 thoughts on “Kill Me, Baby: Yes, Kill me with Comedy!

  1. Afro hair FTW!!! I really like this show so far. Probably one of the best. Might even be better than Nichijou, maybe.. If the anime can be consistent throughout the series, I am sure this will be one of those awesome series of 2012.

  2. I like the intro too so I listened to it the whole way through. However the ending theme and dance are better.

    I loved the bit where Yasuna almost blew them up a second time. Their afro hair was cute and funny.

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