Gundam AGE: X-Rounders? So We’re Making Up Words Now?


Back with the 12th episode of the, once again, disappointing series going into Winter 2012, Gundam AGE.  After rescuing Grudek from arrest and safely returning to the Diva, the crew is set to high-tail it out of the area before the Federation takes another shot at the Diva…too late. The Federation already has three war ships waiting for the Diva outside the airlock.  The best way to describe this battle (if it can even be called that) is to refer to the final battle between Lelouch and Schneizel, only slower and not as interesting or strategically deep. Though Gundam AGE tries to play the two opposing captains as strategic masters battling wits, it’s more of one-up battle, starting with a flash bang where the Federation blocks off the Diva’s Genoace and GN-Exes while the crew was blinded, only to be defeated as Flit, piloting the Gundam hidden by the colony, flys out to push them back so Largon and Woolf can launch. During the distraction, the Federation has it’s fleet of mobile suits deployed and now has the Diva and its mobile suits vastly outnumbered.

"Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions..."

Yet again, Grudek one-ups the Federation forces by unveiling his own war ships piloted by  Zalam and Euba.  What looks like a stalemate turns into a real battle when the UE comes out of nowhere, armed to the teeth and ready to blast the Diva and the Federation out of the sky.  Using teamwork and an all-of-a-sudden effective DODS rifle, the Diva, Gundam, and Federation forces fight back the UE.  During the battle, Flit is able to better see where the UE units are moving and quickly take out some of their (what used to be) strongest suits.  This is later to be explained by Grudek as Flit becoming an “X-Rounder”…

“X-Rounders” access the “X-Regions” of their brains to possess a sensory ability beyond that of normal humans.  Yurin and Desil also appear to be “X-Rounders”, as Desil arrives with his cloaked posse to take Yurin with them. She’ll probably become a hostage piece at some point, set out for Flit to go and rescue.  I don’t have a problem with extra-sensory abilities developing in characters, it’s actually made for quite good series in the past (Gundam 00 *cough cough* Innovators *cough cough*), but giving them such a non-sensical name like “X-Rounders” and inventing a new part of the human brain, then giving it an equally non-sensical name like “X-Region”? It’s almost too much, at least the next episode seems to begin Flit’s “final” battle with the UE on their turf. Hopefully this will be one of his final appearances and the story moves onto his (most likely egotistical or semi-idiotic) child.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku

Writer’s Note: I’m taking a short trip tomorrow, going to be in Atlanta until Wednesday, so if anything new comes out, I won’t be able to watch/review it.  I’ll have my macbook so I can check the site and answer any comments, and I’ll probably pass time on twitter as well as read a few other blogs during down time.  Btw, does anyone know of any good anime/manga/otaku shops in Atlanta?


8 thoughts on “Gundam AGE: X-Rounders? So We’re Making Up Words Now?

      • I still wonder why I watch this show…this week’s episode was pretty bad too…
        I dunno if you can compare that to Lelouch and Schneizel…that was at least entertaining to me >.> And why can the AGE system suddenly do w/e the heck it wants?

        • The battle between the captains was kinda like an extremely toned down version of Lelouch and Schneizel’s battle, and it was more of a “gotcha contest” than a chess match (as the case with Lelouch and Schneizel).
          That’s what I was wondering, I remember a while back I mentioned using the AGE system to outfit the other mobile suits, or just not restrict it to making weapons…but it’s still a crapshoot piece of technology to me.

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