Shinryaku! Ika Musume: Episodes 11 & 12/Final Review

Hey minna,
back with the final squidastic adventures of Ika-chan.  This squiddly series ends much like the first season with a touching squidisode with the mystery girl in red showing up to give a short parable related the troubles in life.  (Oddly reminiscent, really)

Episode 11 contained the three parts “Isn’t that Hypnotism!?”, “Isn’t That an Alliance!?”, “Isn’t it Just the Two of Us!?”.  By far, my favorite part with in “Alliance!?” when Ika-chan did squidly battle with the combined product of Ayumi’s father and the three stooges. Quite the epic struggle and a nice change of pace for the show.  But I was on the edge of my seat all through “Two of Us!?”, because I truly fear the wrath of Chizuru, but (strangely), I wish they’d had more Chizuru-nyan. :3

Episode 12 wraps up the second season with “Won’t You Practice!?”, “Isn’t That a Festival!?”, and “No, Really, Isn’t That a Festival!?”.  The last two being parts of the same story and the heartwarming end to the series.  After Eiko and Ika-chan have a falling out, they refuse to interact with each other. To try and patch things over, everyone decides to meet up for a night at the festival (complete with yutaka).  After various festival-typical activities, Ika-chan gets separated from Kiyomi and the Invasion Club, prompting a search for the lost and sad squid girl.  Eiko, after sifting through a pond when she thought she saw Ika-chan is pointed in the right direction by the red dressed mysterious girl from way back in the first season.  Some tears are shed, everyone is reunited, and Chizuru makes the observation that perhaps Ika-chan’s invasion has already occurred, as she seems to really be the center of their lives now. (Things quickly returned to normal, by “normal”, I mean arguing…)

In summary, Shinryaku! Ika Musume is a very funny comedy series, with unique characters that seem to keep the jokes coming.  Even with the continuous hilarity, the cast still manages to mature and grow as the series progresses. The animation isn’t anything to get excited over, but it’s a comedy, so it’s not like I picked it up for amazing graphic expectations to start with.  Very much recommended to anyone with a light sense of humor that laughs at ironic situational comedy.

I can’t be sure if there’s a third season in store for Ika Musume, but I certainly wouldn’t miss it if it did.  You have to remember, Ika-chan still has a lot of land to invade to accomplish her mission. :3

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Shinryaku! Ika Musume: Episodes 11 & 12/Final Review

  1. The last episode sure was something, crying Ika in the rain made me want to go and rescue her.

    Her hair in that last picture is so funny it makes me laugh every time I see it like that.

    • I kinda like it short, but it’s nice long too.
      I felt the same way. Poor little Ika-chan, so sad in the rain, if Eiko hadn’t already moved on from their argument, she would’ve after seeing that.

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