Working’!!: Farewell Poplar/Final Review

Hey minna,
back for a final dinner at Wagnaria, and the final episode of the second season of Working!! A comedy series I’ve very much enjoyed watching, and will be very much missed (it’s good that it has a very high re-watch quality, in my opinion).  While, for the most part, Working’!! stayed static when it came to major character development, except for a few key episodes, this final episode gives a send off (sort of) for Taneshima, who is surprised to learn she’s grown taller and can now reach the damage report sheet.

For once, it’s not just Takanashi who is despondent over Taneshima’s dwindling smallness, Sato-san also feels disheartened that he may soon no longer be able to make fun of her or mess with her hair.  The despair doubles and spreads throughout Wagnaria when Yamada finds out that Taneshima may consider quitting to focus on her upcoming entrance exams.

Everyone seems sad to think of their precious Popura leaving them, except for Maya Matsumoto (the “normal” high schooler, frequently seen waiting tables during cut scenes).  Maya suggests to Taneshima that she simply continue working until her grades do slip, quite ingenious, really.  Taneshima promises her co-workers to do her very best, and Takanashi and Sato figure out that she actually hasn’t grown, but simply got better at stretching and reaching up to the list.

Working’!!, including its first season, was a very fun watch, staying fairly consistant with the humor in the manga.  The characters were so very well done to fit and bounce off the personality of other characters, that I’d imagine once a premise was set, the story almost wrote itself.  Even the “normal” girl was anything but.  While this seems like a nice place to leave the series, I’m reminded that Inami has yet to punch Takanashi some more before he gets a clue, and that Yamada has yet to reunite with her supposed brother.  Here’s hoping for a third season, but if it isn’t to be, I’m satisfied with where the Wagnaria staff leaves off.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Working’!!: Farewell Poplar/Final Review

  1. I think their is a mention of another project coming up for Working, but not sure if it was a third season IIRC from ANN. I hope so ^^

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