Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: We Have Few Friends/Final Review

Hey minna,
back with the Neighbor’s Club for a final episode (in this season anyway) of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.  After Yozora’s little fire fiasco last episode, Kodaka and the rest of the neighbor’s club don’t see her until she returns to class, with short hair that finally jogs Kodaka’s memories of her back in their childhood.

This final episode spends most of its time showing Yozora hidden thoughts throughout most of the series, from recognizing Kodaka as her childhood friend on his first day, to creating the Neighbor’s Club so they could spend time together. All the while, Yozora is hoping Kodaka would eventually realize who she was…

Wrapping up with Yozora’s reintroduction into the Neighbor’s Club, Rika has an M-rated fantasy when she thinks Yozora is a guy, and even Yukimura believes she’s male. Until Sena cooly points it out, and the routine we’ve come to know and love returns, with Yozora handily putting down Sena’s rare insults, and keeping the other’s perversions in check, while maintaining her fearful control over Marie.  Quite a koi ending with Kodaka silently sitting back, watching his friends in the Neighbor’s Club carry on, and saying how he’ll stay in this Neighbor’s Club, for making friends.

Overall, a very entertaining series that manages to engage me in the story as well.  With a cast of cute characters, Haganai could do no wrong, even in the ending. I’m glad they didn’t do a harem ending with Kodaka “choosing” one of the girls (a bit cliche in my opinion).  Instead, it’s a nice closure with Yozora and Kodaka reunited as childhood friends, but still open to another season to continue the activities of the Neighbor’s Club. Recommended to anyone who likes comedy series and appreciates tasteful fanservice (I’m still concerned about what Sena did to Kobato that night in the bath)…

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– BeldenOtaku


9 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: We Have Few Friends/Final Review

  1. 2nd episode is a must. The ending was so incomplete.
    They are still not close friends. There was also an indication where Yozora said to Kodaka that they aren’t good friend as they used to be. The reason she wouldn’t allow Kodaka to call her Sora.

    • I think not letting him call her “Sora” was maybe more her being embarrased by what the others will think than them not being good friends. But, your idea might also be a factor.
      Sena needs to make some headway to catch up to Yozora (in the race for Kodaka), which I think will be the focus of the 2nd season. (if there is one)

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