Tamayura~hitotose: A Brand New Year/Final Review

Hey minna,
back with my favorite slice of life for the season, for the final episode of Tamayura~hitotose.  Fu and friends’s exhibition finally begins, with Momoneko-sama as their first customer… Their show brings in all of their friends and family, from near and far, as Fu showcases her photography, Kaoru her aromas, Norie’s sweets, and Maon’s original recital of “The Fairy of Takenoko; Noko-chan”.

Fu’s photos instill all the emotions she sought to capture into everyone who viewed them.  Kaoru finally gets to properly display her talents for her father.  Everyone can’t get enough of Norie’s sweet confections.  And Maon thrills the audience with her daring tale of Noko-chan (played by Kou).  Even Shihomi compliments their hard work, and points out that, without knowing it, Fu has grasped something very important.  It’s that very important lesson that Fu finally realizes, on a cold mountain road New Year’s Day (after Sayomi took a “wrong” turn) as the sun begins to rise over the city and lighting the mountain view.  It’s through using her father’s camera, and continuing to take pictures of the things she enjoys, that she remains connected with him.  She has the ability to continue making memories with her father when she takes pictures, no matter what the circumstances.  And with a very heart-warming ending, one that ties together all the lessons Fu has learned as well as what Norie, Kaoru, Maon, and all of her friends and family have learned as well.

A very pleasing, and thoughtful, slice of life series that, admittedly, is more plot-driven than your usual slice of life.  Fu’s unfolding life leading up the exhibition are lined with experiences and people who, along the way, show her just what life has in store, and who can be there with you to help you through the hard parts.  But the story wasn’t singularly centered around Fu, many episodes explored the backstory and maturing of her friends as they discover their own potentials.

The animation stayed great throughout the entire series and I really liked how multiple backgrounds, character designs, and intricate side items really improved the overall visual quality to something beyond your typical anime series.  The music was almost criminal how they picked just the right time to let loose some touching melody just as I fear I can’t hold in my joy/anxiety/tears any longer.  Highly recommended to any slice of life fan, and also recommended as a first-view to any one new to the slice of life genre.

Tamayura~hitotose will dearly missed, but I feel like this was a great place to leave the series.  Fu and her friends have their whole lives standing before them, just as they close a chapter in their lives, they begin a new one (as denoted quite well by the New Year).

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku 


8 thoughts on “Tamayura~hitotose: A Brand New Year/Final Review

  1. The ending was alright. I was hoping for an even better ending though.
    I really hate Shihomi. From the beginning until the end…
    Hopefully there will be another season of this awesome anime.

  2. Turned out as expected. I was worried over nothing, since I thought it would be paper thin from the OVA, but overall a nice end to the series. Think the DVD/BD were suppose to have an extra episode I think.

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