Guilty Crown: Resonance

Hey minna,
back with everything that makes me whole and a new episode of Guilty Crown.  At the halfway point of this 22 episode series, we finally see Shu showing some heroic qualities, as Japan descends into chaos at the hands of the GHQ Chief.   After the activation of “the stone that started it all” and causing a massive outbreak of the Apocalypse Virus, Shu is considered responsible after Undertaker is publicly denounced for releasing the outbreak.  Finally willing to stand up on his own two legs for what he knows is right and what he wants to protect, he calls his friends, ready to level with them…

After explaining Voids and his connections to Undertaker, Shu is able to enlist the help of his friends, even Yahiro, in a daring attempt to rescue Gai and Inori, as well as the rest of Undertaker pinned down at the airport.  In a time of crisis, new heros are sure to arise. Including DAN the MAN!! He stands up to Scarface allowing Shu’s mom to escape and meet up with Inori and Gai.  Soon, she has the transmission tower ready to broadcast Inori’s song, which apparently has the power to reverse the effects of the Apocalypse Virus.

For the first time, Shu shows initiative and charges boldly into the locked down airport, with the help of his friends and their voids.  After fighting and crashing a little bit, Shu is able to make it to the rooftop and find Inori in the middle of her song. But it can’t be good for long, as someone new appears out of nowhere (Insert a note about me freaking out, screaming “Noooo!!!! Inori!!! Behind you!!!”).  This new character also appears to have the ability to use voids forcibly, pulling out Inori’s sword-void and escaping.  Gai jumps in front of Shu just in time to protect him from the blade’s slash, but at the cost of his life…

Guilty Crown starts to live up the potential some of us saw in it 11 weeks ago.  Gai goes down in glory (just like I suspected he would), just as Inori is taken hostage by, who I imagine, is another agent of the GHQ.  Undertaker has taken a near-fatal blow, but now Shu has his friends to back him up, as well as his mom who seems to also be siding with Undertaker.  I honestly can’t even guess as to what happens next.  I don’t even have a theory on what the whole deal with the dust storm surrounding the GHQ Headquarters was all about….honest, I’m clueless (and I love it :3).

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


6 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: Resonance

  1. Ok.. I’m not so sure what is going to happened next. With Inori, Gai and Dan gone.
    I’m thinking most of the next episode would probably more about Shu.
    Hopefully more about Tsumugi too!

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