Working’!!: Daisy Dies

Hey minna,
back at my favorite family restaurant with a new episode of the Fall 2011 comedy series Working’!!  More character development that sets Working’!! apart from other comedy series and keeps me coming back for more (even though I still think Takanashi is a total jerk to Inami, even if they just paint him as clueless on the show).

Inami is making leaps and bounds overcoming her androphobia, setting a new record for most days without hitting a guy.  But Yamada challenges this, saying she’s been doing it by avoid guys, and she should try to train herself to better control her urge to punch dudes.  After Sato and Soma refuse to be Inami’s punching bag, Yamada searches for a tall, small-breasted (or “slender”, as Taneshima insisted) girl who could dress as a guy to help Inami. Unfortunately, the only girl in the restaurant who fit the bill…was Inami.  Yamada retrieves a waiter’s uniform and has Inami dress in it, look into the full length mirror, and realize all Inami sees is herself in pants. Nice try though, at least until Takanashi shows up to make it known that Inami is wearing his uniform….awkward….

Well, after Daisy took a hit, and was pronounced dead on the scene, Yamada set out to show Sato-san that she’s grown up too.  Until she gets locked out of the restaurant after closing, and gets caught crying for her mommy by Sato, who calls Taneshima to have Yamada stay at her house for the night.

Takanashi is still ever-clueless, but at least he didn’t do anything else to upset Inami, and has started texting her too. Maybe he’ll figure out soon enough.  I think the scene with him waiting over 2 hours to get a text from her shows that he really cares for her more so than other people, and sending a picture of a cat shows that Inami knows how to get Takanashi’s attention.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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