Gundam AGE: Episodes 10 & 11

Hey minna,
back with a double feature of new episodes of the Fall 2011 series, Gundam AGE. Flit and the crew of the Diva, as well as Euba and Zalam forces, prepare for battle against the (until-recently) hidden UE base.  The Gundam’s newest wear suit is also revealed to combat the new high-speed models the UE has deployed.  This series has slowly started to grow on me, changing from a “blemish on the Gundam franchise” to a plot line that has come into its own, telling a unique story (though I still don’t like the childish character designs, at least the dialogue isn’t as annoying as it was in the beginning)

“Day of Fierce Battle”: As the Diva nears the UE nest, Zalam and Euba forces begin their attack formation.  The Genoace, GN-Exes, and Gundam, armed with the DODS rifle, also make their way onto the battlefield.  Using laser-deflecting shells, the Diva and its mobile suits are protected from UE artillery blasts from their mothership, so it’s down to fighting mobile suits hand-to-hand.  While it’s no cake walk, the Diva forces manage to hold their own against the UE’s regular model suits, until the speciality model suits make their appearance, tearing through Zalam and Euba’s forces.  Particularly frightening, is the need speed-type model Flit and Woolf saw back at Madorna’s shop. No match for this lightening fast suit that can slash through Euba and Zalam suits, Flit calls for the new Gundam wear, Spallow (or Sparrow), a speed-focused model with a razor sharp blade able to cut down the UE suit in no time. But the battle came at a great cost, the Zalam leader gives his life to take an all-out suicide attack on the UE ship, unfortunately, his suit doesn’t leave a scratch.

Only one complaint with this battle….since when does a space battle end just because you made the enemy mothership back up?  They had the UE on the run, why didn’t they just continue. At the very least don’t say you “won”, winning shouldn’t imply doing okay after losing half your forces.  Seriously, if you’re goal was to make the mothership move, I don’t have much faith in their strategy anymore…*sigh* let’s hope the “final” battle is more definitive. I say “final” because, supposedly, this series is supposed to span three generations, Flit, Flit’s son, and Flit’s grandson. So if Flit defeats the UE now, what are his kids going to do?

“Reunion at Minsry”: After their battle (more like “backing up of”) at the UE base, the Diva has moved to rendezvous at the neutral colony Minsry, so Federation forces won’t be there to hassle the mutineer captain of the stolen ship.  While Flit, Woolf, Grudek, Largon, and Milley attend a strategy conference with a friend of the Don of Zalam, Vargus and Madorna, using the modified AGE system, optimize the Diva’s offensive capabilities (wait, didn’t an earlier post go over using the AGE system to modify things OTHER than the Gundam?). Flit also runs in Yurin, the girl he saved back on Nora, and, before leaving, promises to return, and also vows to stop the UE from creating more orphans like Yurin. The gang gets on their way to the final battle after rescuing Grudek from a Federation detective.

But the real story behind this episode, character development!! How do you think Emily will feel once she finds out about another girl Flit is hanging out with? And then there’s Woolf and Millie, are they going to become an item too? Largon seems to suspect so, or maybe he’s got a thing for Millie as well.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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