Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: Those Who are Joined Beyond the Boundary

Hey minna,
back with another episode of the Fall 2011 series Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.  Tori has finally reached Horizon, just as Futayo rises from the ashes to take down Muneshige and recovers his Deadly Sin Armament.  The T.U. Pope has totally forgotten about everything except the battle lines on his base, as Neit prepares to fight to buy time for Tori and Horizon, who is still trapped within the Testament Union’s barrier. A barrier that makes whomever comes in contact with it relive their sins, before killing them in their despair.

Convinced the world is better if she were to simply allow her death to proceed, Horizon refuses Tori’s flirtatious offers to come with him back to Musashi.  After seemingly endless back-and-forth, Tori is finally able to reach out to the piece of Horizon that still resides within the automaton.  Convincing her of the love he still has for her, Tori is able to finally make Horizon agree that it’s best for her to leave with him and continue living. But not before Tori accidentally reaches through the shield, taking himself and Horizon back to his greatest sin, the day he caused Horizon’s death….

After coming to understand how each felt for the other after that day, Tori and Horizon agree to continue living together, so they may find the place where their divergent paths overlap.  Now, using Muneshige’s Deadly Sin Armament, the Pope’s defensive field is rendered useless, and Musashi needs to either finish off the Tres Espana and K.P.A. Italia troops, taking the Pope’s Armament with them, or make a hasty retreat to continue collecting the Deadly Sin Armaments from the other Divine Entities before the apocalyptic event that was started by that tower of light in Mikawa.

Personally, I’m glad to see some dynamic plot development, and am willing to overlook the confusing first 8 or 9 episodes if they keep up the pace.  Now that Horizon is rescued, it’s time for Tori to focus on collecting the remaining Deadly Sin Armaments, and Horizon’s stolen emotions as well (for Tori’s sake, let’s hope she becomes more sociable, and less robotic).

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– BeldenOtaku


6 thoughts on “Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: Those Who are Joined Beyond the Boundary

    • I just like that they finally rescued her (after 2 or 3 episodes of debating about it, and then 2 episodes of fighting to get there). I just really hope Horizon gets some personality back, I can’t see her staying all logical and unexpressive for long. Hopefully recovering the Deadly Sin Armaments will fix this.

  1. Are all of you f***ing dumb? No one saw the girls saying that the original Horizon was so robot-like.

    That these 8-9 “confusing” episodes was to show that no one in Musashi was figthing just to save one girl, but with their own motivation on top of that.

    And man “piece of Horizon that still resides within the automaton”, b**** please, he convinced the automaton via paralelism that she could be wrong. He won a debate with her, with a being that always makes the best decicions.

    Thats not something lame like the emotional crap you are writing.

    • Good point, I guess some of us are just so dulled down after spending so long wondering what’s going on, we’ve lost sight of what IS happening.
      Thanks for the reminder :3

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