C³: The Transcendentals are Everywhere

Hey minna,
back with the last curse for the Fall 2011 series C³: CubexCursedxCurious.  Fear, Kirika, and Konoha, prepare for a showdown with Alice and her cursed tool, able to remember any attack it’s blocked and reproduce it, along with her mirror cursed tool, able to duplicate herself many times over. The odds are bleak as the numbers stack up against Fear, who is forced to kill and slaughter one of the dobble-gangers, much to her disgust.

Only with the help of Sovereignty and Shiraho breaking the mirror, was Kuroe able to move again and hold all the dopple-gangers with her hair, while it’s up to Fear, Haruaki, and Konoha to take down Alice, once and for all.  Haruaki and Konoha are able to hold off Alice, but it wasn’t until Fear finally stood up and declared that she chooses to side with the humans, because what they can’t do makes them ever stronger because they still try.  Through fierce curse-calling and teamwork, Alice is given her curtain call…

Despite what looked to be a clean kill, destroying the cursed tool and even the dopple-gangers disappearing, Alice still stands, beaten but not out. Until she jumps for a getaway boat also carrying two new faces, one being a cursed tool himself.  Quite a way to leave a season, nothing but questions. Fear has another Intelligence Disc, but what about these new guys? And Alice is still on the loose.  I’m gonna dish out some curses of my own if a second season doesn’t come soon to tell how this story really ends.

Overall, a very enjoyable series, finding a good balance between frightening action and hilariously misunderstandable comedy (Haruaki never catches a break, does he. But at least he can fight.).  Though I felt the animation style changed somehow in the last episode (it seemed more streamlined in style and less gothic in the action scenes), the visuals stayed solid throughout the series and offered a very unique feast for the eyes, the closest approximation to the styles would probably be Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (with less variances). If you can put up with a little lack of information at the beginning (and the whole “never really explains cursed tools” thing), you should find the plot moves at a steady pace and the action keeps you wanting more.  The comedy is also deliciously awkward, no situation is too serious for someone to interject innuendo or a funny face. Looking forward to a second season, they just can’t leave it hanging like this.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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