Ben-to: Pocari Sweat 125 kCal

Hey minna,
back with my favorite meal of the day and a new episode of Ben-to.  Orthros is still on the prowl, ready to fight again after taking down the Ice Witch the night before.  As Shaga and Nikaidou work to track down some history on this fearsome duo, Yo and Yarizui prepare for their next encounter with Orthros.

Yarizui contends that it was light cold that lead to her defeat, and that simply getting well will assure a victory against Orthros.  Yo complies and helps to restore her to her normal strength, through vitamin drinks and cold remedy medicine.  Meanwhile, Shaga uncovers the Kyo twins history, it seems they moved from Yumehiro, where a convenience store, Sonic Store, owned by their parents, recently sprang up. Until 3 years ago, Orthros were wolves who would frequent Sonic Store, that is, until something happened.

Shaga informs the Kyo twins of Yarizui’s plans to meet them at Super Odori for dog days and grilled eel, a day that lays in infamy for Orthros. As Yarizui’s cold seems to have gotten worse, a new player enters the scene from Yumehiro, someone who seems to put the Kyo twins in danger.

Who is this new fighter? Why does it seem like Orthros is the victim now? What happened three years ago in Yumehiro? Why do I end these posts with questions like I need to convince you to watch the next episode? I hope the last episode turns into the best fight yet.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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