New Youtube Channel

Hey minna,
starting something new and made a new Youtube channel where I’m going to upload speed drawing videos that I make.  Here’s my first one of Tooru (A Channel):

I hope to be able to do more drawings in the future.
Please watch and tell me what you think.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


8 thoughts on “New Youtube Channel

    • I would, but I don’t have anything to record it with. I had to use quicktime screen recorder to capture what you see in the video.
      If there are any questions you have though, I’d be more than happy to try and answer them :3

      • I’d like to compare techniques a little bit, but it’s hard to put into words… do you start your sketch with a layout sketch? like a little ball where the head is, etc…

        • Sometimes, it depends on how familiar I am with the character. For someone like Tooru, whom I’ve drawn a lot, I can just sit down and go with it, not much planning except sketching lightly where all the parts go and then just knowing how this or that will look.
          For characters I’ve either not gotten familiar drawing with or are just difficult (for me, Azusa Nakano), I usually have to start with the basic mechanical out lay of the character’s body, using visual references to slowly figure out how the character’s different attributes fit into what I’m trying to draw. Kind of like starting with a blank dummy and adding on the characteristic features.
          If any of that helps…

          • I hope this don’t sound too silly, but what does your “blank dummy” look like? Do you do an outline+contour of the figure, a stick figure, or a ball+cylinder figure?… I’m doing the last one, but I’m also exploring other effective techniques…

            • like a combination of the three, it really depends on how much I know I want to do with the drawing. If I’m just sketching without knowing exactly what I’m going to do, I typically just start at the head and move down, but if I know the pose I want to draw, I’ll do a stick figure skeleton, and then use ball-cylinders to map out the body structure.

  1. Yet another person I know gifted and adept at using photoshop. Could only imagine how long this took you to learn, but I am starting to want to learn myself.

    • I can’t use photoshop (too complicated for me :3) This was with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (more manual when it comes to coloring than Photoshop).
      The total time using Sketchbook was over 3 hours, the original sketch was maybe 20 minutes tops

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