Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: You see, Girls wearing Yukata are Extremely Cute

Hey minna,
back with another episode of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.  This is really the big head-turner episode of the season, leaving  you in awe at what happens. But I have to start at the beginning, with the decision to go a festival in town, and for once it wasn’t just a decree by Yozora, it was really a unanimous decision to go have some fun before school starts.

Making strides against their anti-social tendencies, Yozora and Rika both find themselves quite comfortable at the festival, spending time with the other members of the Neighbor’s Club.  And who could stay unhappy with cute girls in yukata around? (Nobody, that’s who.)   After they enjoyed their fair food, well, everyone but Kodaka really, who’s one desire was to find better takoyaki, even with all the girls in yukata surrounding him, priorities I guess.

After an evening of fun and prizes, especially for Rika who walks away with a new game console.  The club decides to call it a night, and Yozora and Sena decide on a draw in their competition.  To kill time until a ride can get there to take everyone home, the gang fires off some prize fireworks, fun is had and it looks to be a classic summer ending…until Yozora’s hair starts smoldering.  Quick and responsive, Kodaka grabs the bucket of water and tells Yozora to turn around, swiftly dowsing her.  Not exactly the most flattering thing to happen to you, Yozora then walks home alone…not to be seen at the club room or around school, until she’s called from role on the first day.

Yozora walks in just as the teacher calls her name, and the shock of the episode, her hair is cut shorter. This jogs Kodaka’s memory, that Yozora was the friend he left years back.  Making for a tearful reunion, I’m left wondering how the season will wrap up.  I honestly don’t think Sena has much of a chance anymore, unless Kodaka and Yozora just totally ignore the fact that they both remember being childhood friends now.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku

(I personally think Yozora looks 100x cuter with the shorter hair, almost blacked out from sheer cuteness :3 )


6 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: You see, Girls wearing Yukata are Extremely Cute

  1. I call harem ending to this whole thing, only seems like the logical way to go. Rika in yukata = cuteness overload. My body was not ready…

    • I don’t “harem” is quite the right word for it, considering Sena and Yozora are really Kodaka’s two choices.
      (Marie and Kobata are off-limits for obvious reasons, and I just don’t see Yuimura or Rika working out for him)
      But the end of the season will definitely be left hanging, so a second season can continue their fight for Kodaka.

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