Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: Musashi’s Mr. Impossible

Hey minna,
back with a series that’s finally coming into its own, and a new episode of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.  Musashi’s battle to save Horizon is going strong, even though Tori’s army is pinned down. As Masa, piloting her God of War, launches Neit at break-neck speeds towards the battlefield, making mincemeat of the Testament army as she unites with Tori, allowing them to move on to the Testament Union and K.P.A. Italia’s forward base, where they are holding Horizon.

Just as the armies make contact, Pope President Innocentius of the Testament Union unveils his Armament of Deadly Sins, the lust armor, Stasis Porneia.  Using Stasis Porneia, the Pope is able to render the Far East’s offensive weapons useless, as it has the ability to stop anything it considers an enemy within a 3 kilometer radius, even punches and kicks lose momentum once they make contact.   But never fear, for Tori has unbeatable happiness to power their offense, literally.  As viceroy of Musashi, Tori has access to 1/4 of the city’s ether supply, and using a contract through the Asami shrine, Tori makes himself a conduit through which his army can receive unlimited external energy to power their fighting, despite Stasis Porneai’s effects.  Even the need to sacrifice is nullified, so long as Tori remains happy, but it comes at a cost…Tori’s life is not staked in his happiness.

While Musashi now has power to stand up against the K.P.A. Italia’s top-notch forces, but Stasis Porneai’s effect still in place, they can’t quite get the strength to break through.  Until  Masazumi debuts on the scene to challenge the Pope President to a duel, using his short temper to their advantage.  The Pope accepts and drops Stasis Porneai’s field to rush to his fight with Masazumi, even though it was just a ruse to get him off the battlefield.

Now the real fighting begins, as Noriki and Kiyonari take down Galileo of the K.P.A. Italia, and Futayo takes on Muneshige of the Tres Espana and his Armament of Deadly Sin.  Armed with her father’s prototype armament, Slicing Dragonfly, Futayo puts up a good fight, but Muneshige’s experience fighting her father gave him the knowledge to render her weapon’s special ability useless.  With Futayo down for the count, Muneshige prepares to fire his Lypee Katarrispi at Musashi, giving them an ultimatum, evacuate and live, or stay, and be unable to defend Horizon if rescued, without being able to leave dock, Musashi will be a sitting duck to Testament forces.

Finally, everything comes together to produce a battle that lives up the expectations I had going into Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.  It only took 3/4 of the season to get there… Now I look at the big questions, does Musashi have a contingency to face the Lypee Katarrispi? How do they keep the Pope President from re-lauching Stasis Porneia’s effect?  And what about that bullet-hole like thing that appeared in Horizon’s book? Is something else happening?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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