Guilty Crown: Degeneration

Hey minna,
back with everything that makes me whole and a new episode of Guilty Crown.  As the action heats up, Shu starts to wimp out.  After having to take a life last episode using Yahiro’s sheer-void, he can no longer bring himself to draw out voids.  After running from battle, leaving Funeral Parlor in the dust, he’s left in a depressed slump, ashamed and regretting everything he’s been a part of.

Not even Hare can bring him out the terror he lives, constantly seeing his friends succumb to the Apocalypse Virus in flashes of fear, and remember gruesome images from the tragic “Lost Christmas”.  Gai choose to leave Shu wallowing in despair while Funeral Parlor moves forward, trying to recover “the rock that started it all”, which is now set to be taken to the United States after Keido, who stole it from the base before Funeral Parlor could, has brought it to Tokyo’s base.

Gai, Inori, and a few other members of Funeral Parlor successfully infiltrate the ship carrying the rock, or so they think.  Segai has other plans in mind, ordering his Anti Body forces to take a vaccine, and, apparently under the command of Keido, activating a “genetic resonance” beacon, which has the effect of mass outbreak of the Apocalypse Virus.  GHQ and Japanese alike are thrown into chaos as unsuspecting victims begin contracting the virus and turning to dust in an instant. Even Gai begins to succumb to the virus, as Keido stands at the helm, acting as the mastermind to some grand scheme that was begun with “Lost Christmas” ten years ago…

What does all this mean? It’s almost as if the Apocalypse Virus is more than just a disease. And why the large vortex in the sky? If it’s not pertinent, it’s just over-dramatization, but I’m too freaked out by the mass hysteria to really care. I want answers, and to know how Shu’s   Void Genome plays into this. Not to mention it seems everyone knows about it now… As far as half-way points go, Guilty Crown did one thing right, it’s not the awkward double love-interest around Shu with Hare and Inori, it’s creating some mass crisis that’s got me hooked and dying to know what’s going to happen next.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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