Tamayura~hitotose: A Christmas Eve Story

Hey minna,
back with another tearjerking episode of Tamayura~hitotose.  The girls are getting closer to putting on their exhibition showcasing their unique talents.  Fu’s photography, Norie’s cooking, Kaoru’s aromas, and Maon’s….recital?

Maon tells the others that, when she traveled to a book signing, afterword, she went to a play recital, and now feels inspired to do so herself.   She feels drawn to try it, because this might be her career, true to style and her calling for the performing arts.  Fu, Norie, and Kaoru are all behind her as she prepares to try her first recital at her family’s inn in Mitarai. As Maon struggles to write her recital, the other girls get the word out, soon, everyone is excited for the recital as well.  Takehara residents, as well as friends in Mitarai start to gather for the occassion. Only one problem, the inn’s hall is too small.


Now, Maon stands in the Virgo theater, the same theater she hoped to one day perform in.  In a few hours, Maon would stand on that stage, in front of all their friends and family, to recite her own story. Thankfully, Maon has all her friends behind her, ready to support her and give her the encouragement she needed to go on stage, even though her story still didn’t have an ending.

As she takes the stage, Maon’s story unfolds.  A tale of one young bird, on an island of birds that loved chirping and singing to one another. Though unable to sing herself, this young bird decided to travel to another town, where she met new birds.  There, the bird was able to sing, maybe because the trip made her bolder, but with her friends she became more confident. But the birds back on the island didn’t believe she could sing, so she went back, and everyone was so proud of her song, though she still found it difficult. Maon ended her unfinished story by thanking her mother and father for believing in her, and for the help everyone’s giving to her.  A very touching episode to say the least (I’m being modest, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t almost cry).


The episode ends with the girls standing atop the hill where they unsuspectingly met back in 1999, just as snow starts to fall and they look forward to the oncoming exhibition.  I believe this brings Maon’s personal growth full circle.  I imagine the next episode will wrap up Kaoru’s development as well, and bring a big final thoughts to Fu’s overall story.  I should remember to stock up on tissues…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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