Shinryaku! Ika Musume: Episodes 9 and 10

Hey minna,
back with an update on the invasion and another two episodes of Shinryaku! Ika Musume. I’ll admit it, no matter how much I like watching it, comedy anime are really hard to do episodic reviews for, not much in them except saying what happened and adding “still funny” to the end of it. But, I still feel the need to go over it…so, indulge me.


Episode 9 consists of the three parts “Won’t You Play House?”, “Won’t You Keep A Schedule?”, and “Won’t You Go to an Amusement Park?” “Play House?” was my personal favorite, maybe it was seeing just how far Sanae could go, but it felt so real…personal message to Ika-chan: invest in a security system, Sanae will (and probably has already) break into your house, and watch you sleep, she scares me.

Episode 10 included “Won’t You Grill It?”, Won’t You Defend Yourself?”, and “Isn’t it Cold?”  After “Defend Yourself?”, there’s only one fight I wanna see before I die, a face-off between Chizuru and Chuck Norris.  There’s no way any one has the stones to look her straight in the face and not feel the fear of God.  But I also liked “Isn’t it Cold?” as it gave a unique view of the beach covered in snow, without the three stooges, the Lemon would so boring on a hot day.

Well, I tried not to get boring while still putting out my impressions.  Like always, it’s still funny, but, on a side note, I think the animation is starting to slide. It’s a comedy, so it’s not big deal, just saying.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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