Working’!!: It’s Resolve, is that a problem?

Hey minna,
back at my favorite family restaurant with a new episode of Working’!! Yamada gets some good air time this week, and Sato makes headway in his relationship with Yachiyo, or, at least dedicates himself to do so.

Yamada, scared that she’s lost Soma’s gift to her, a stuffed teddy bear, whom Yamada has dubbed “Daisy”, gets most of the staff up in a search for it.  Looking high and low, and examining every nook and cranny of the restaurant, all in vain, as no one can seem to find it. I personally believed it to be that jerk Takanashi…but Sato tells her that he put it where she would find it, in Yamada’s room (the attic)….*ji~~~*….now, if only she could find the ribbon Yachiyo gave her to put on Daisy.

The bulk of the episode was devoted to back-and-forths between Sato and Yachiyo, with some misguided help from Mitsuki intending to help the lilttle miss steer clear of the delinquent (wait, she’s in Kyouko’s gang herself, isn’t she?).  After an afternoon of Yachiyo being confused over what she overheard between Sato and Mitsuki, she’s convinced Sato “likes” someone, and she’s *this* close to figuring out that it’s her. Well, as to whether or not she actually gets it, I can’t say, but Sato definitely seems resolve on staking risks to get himself to take that chance and confess himself to her. Perhaps someday soon, (or by the end of the season, whatever suits him best, Good luck, Sato! :3 )

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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