C³: The Fanatic is Somewhere

Hey minna,
back with another curse and a new episode of C³: CubexCursedxCurious.  After tracing the murders back to Kuroe and identifying the victims as all being patrons of her salon, Fear, Haruaki, Konoha, and Kirika have a sit down to solve the case.   Not wanting to believe Kuroe had lifted her curse but continues to hurt people, Fear storms out of the room.  Afterword, Kuroe explains to the three remaining that she discovered some time ago that her power is derived from consuming human hair, so she indulges it. (Because that makes total sense, right?)

Their discussion gets interrupted when Alice reveals herself, and draws Konoha and Fear out for a fight, leaving Kuroe and Kirka in the house to protect Haruaki.  Unfortunately, it was all a trap. After incapacitating Kuroe with some kind of incantation, Alice then uses her cursed tool to threaten Haruaki’s life if he and Kirika didn’t follow along, making them her hostages.  She takes them to a warehouse where she has them handcuff themselves and sit quiet while Alice video-tapes a ransom message to Fear and Konoha.

Alice requests that Fear join her organization, the Viviolio Families. And, from my understanding, it seems the Families stand at odds with what Fear wants to believe. Alice’s Families don’t think a cursed tool can be “cured”, but they do believe in “acceptance” and apparently letting the tools live out their curses to the fullest extent…which means mass murders for tools like Fear.

Kirika is able to escape thanks to her partner from the Lab, but he doesn’t bring Haruaki or Konue with him, saying that their job is only surveillance. Kirika, unable to accept this, swerves the car they were riding into a wall, apparently killing her partner.  Now that she’s on the run from Emirate Laboratory, she rejoins Fear and Konoha as they prepare to take on Alice to save Haruaki and Konue….

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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