Ben-to: Episode 10

“It tasted warm and kind, just like my grandmother used to cook it. Japanese food, kind to the heart and body.  Fried chicken with plums, dried sardines, and the vegetables of the season. 480 kCal”

Hey minna,
back with my favorite meal of the day and a new episode of the duke-it-out series of the Fall 2011 season, Ben-to.  Finally back to the bento fights I started watching for, it seems a new force is quickly taking down wolves across the city.  Known as Orthros, it seems a duo of strong fighters has taken down some of the strongest fighters in the east, and now is making its way to the west, and no one in the city is up to fighting him, even the now dethroned monarch didn’t stand a chance.  Due to injuries and speed of the attacks, no one remembers his or her face…

It seems the Kyo twins are behind these take downs, in their search for the Ice Witch.  Now that Yo is recovered from the injuries of a previous fight, he seeks out his first meal since being discharged.  Even though he tried taking it easy, the Kyo twins, Orthros, had different plans.  Yo went down pretty quick, so he didn’t take too much damage, but he did leave the Kyo twins disappointed that he wasn’t much of a fight, and still continue to seek out the Ice Witch.

If you thought the fight with Monarch was something, the fight with Orthros was at least 10x more epic.  Their use of the shopping baskets to supplement their dual fighting style makes them a high-speed team that should never be taken lightly.  Easily knocking down all the other wolves in the store, the Kyo twins now set their sights on their long-awaited target, Yarizui, the Ice Witch.

Breaking through through defensive basket-style is near impossible, even Shaga, armed with chopsticks, couldn’t get past their overwhelming speed and skill. Even getting in a few solid hits, the Ice Witch doesn’t stand against Orthros’s assault.  The Kyo twins leave, victorious, with Yo and the others remaining to wallow in defeat.  Will Yo seek out revenge?  Or is it up to Yarizui to finish what they started?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku

(btw, I decided the title was ridiculously long, so I just wrote in ‘Episode 10’ and put the actual title as a quote at the beginning)


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