Tamayura~hitotose: What Will the Me of Tomorrow be like?

Hey minna,
back with half a week’s worth of anime to catch up on, so I’m getting started with Tamayura~hitotose, my slice of life series for the Fall 2011 season.   Continuing with its themes of growing up and matriculation, this episode focuses on Kao-tan, who, unlike the others, isn’t as confident in her desires or what she wants to do in life.

After noticing she’s been in a bit of a slump and somewhat distant when it comes to what’s bothering her, Fu, Maon, and Norie become worried.  Kaoru, who’s only true individual talent seems to be herbs and aromatics, suffers from doubt as to whether or not that’s what she wants to do, and even if she’s suited for it.  She sees Fu with her photography and being mentored by a professional photographer, Maon, with all of her hobbies has only to choose which one, and Norie is well on her way to becoming a great sweets confectionary. Meanwhile, she can’t erase her own about doubt what to do with her life.

After receiving messages from all her friends during their experiences, Kaoru realizes what she wants to do with her life, she wants to share it with her friends, and be together no matter what they choose to do.  In doing so, Kaoru also has an idea for a joint-exhibition, to show the talents of all four girls.  Fu’s photos, Maon’s whistling, Norie’s sweets, and Kaoru’s fragrances would all be on display for everyone to experience. Kaoru even has the venue set up for the 30th of December.

As the series starts to wind down, next episode seems to take place on Christmas, just a few days before the date of the exhibition.  Tamayura is set up to leave me in tears, though it comes as no surprise.  I love the growth that all the girls have each individually undergone, meanwhile, Fu, the main character, is taking lessons for herself each step along the way.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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