Guilty Crown: Prey

Hey minna,
back with everything that makes me whole, and another episode of Guilty Crown.  I need a bit to sit down and process what I just saw….*20 minutes later*….okay, not ready yet…*30 minutes later* now I’m good.  This episode seems like it’ll be the gem of it’s run in the Fall 2011 season, if it can keep this level of mind-melting up, the back 11 episodes will totally erase the shortcomings of the first half.

After hearing that Gai will be away for a while and that Shu is only to remain in school, meanwhile, Hare notices that something is changing with Shu, maybe he is growing bolder.  In an attempt to get them to spend time together, Arisa gets Shu to take Hare shopping.  But, while on the train, they bump into Yahiro…the guy who turned Shu over to antibody forces after he was discovered selling drugs to help his brother, Jun.

After the raid on the GHQ facility where Jun was being treated, Yahiro took Jun and made a run for it, now they’re wanted by the Antibodies.  Desperate for help, Yahiro asks Shu for help taking care of Jun.  While not forgiving of Yahiro, Shu does believe that Jun has done nothing wrong, and agrees to help him.  Unfortunately, GHQ Antibodies had been keeping a tail on him, and are set to pounce as soon as they try to make their move.  Pinned down in a warehouse, Shu tries to draw out Yahiro’s sheer void, but Yahiro stops him, suspicious of foul play.  Shu says he’s one to talk of hypocrisy, and then proceeds to take out the void.(He is starting to get a good fighting attitude)

Daryl appears on the scene, Endleave geared for capturing Shu using the light given off by the void as a tracer.  But, what no one saw coming (especially myself, this is where it got good) was Jun’s reaction to either the situation or Shu’s ability, when he started glowing and drew away the tracers from Shu and onto himself.  After getting caught in Daryl’s grip, the Apocalypse Virus then migrates from Jun to the Endleave, making it go berserk, even attacking the accompanying Endleaves and starts to crush the unconscious Yahiro.

Shu rushes to stop the crazed Endleave with the sheer-void, when something strange happens. Jun seems to have been able to take Shu back to the day known as “Lost Christmas”, to show him how life was before the virus outbreak.  Jun then continues to tell Shu that, because of the virus, he’s able to see people’s voids, and also their hidden feelings.  (Wait…doesn’t Gai do the same thing?) He knows Yahiro sees Jun as a burden, and asks Shu to use his void, a void able to sheer the life away from a person, to end it before Jun’s feelings crush his older brother (via giant robot now controlled by a crystal virus).  Shu does the unthinkable…now he’s face to face with Yahiro, whose younger brother Shu just killed.

Finally, some good depth and for once I can totally get into Shu’s part of the story.  Not to mention new information surrounding the Apocalypse Virus and Lost Christmas, though there’s still some explaining to do. I must say…I’m *this* close to otaku nirvahna… (see previous Tamayura and Kyoukai Senjou posts to know why I’m so excited). I love this time of the season, I truly do.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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